Numbness in Face

Numbness is face may be experienced by number of people and in some cases it can be temporary and benign. However, even mild numbness may be a formidable sign of possible disease or disorder. Facial numbness is in fact reduced sensation of face, caused either due to dysfunction or complete damage of surrounding nerves. It can be caused due to injury to face or persistent exposure to extremely cold temperature. It also results out of neuropathic disorder wherein the nerves that traverse signals between brain and body stops functioning appropriately. For example multiple sclerosis is amongst such chronic conditions that may results in numbness of face.

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Neuropathic disorder or nerve damage can be caused due to a number of disorders or diseases. In several cases neuropathic issues may have no identified cause. In rare cases one may also experience weakness in either side of the body or even arms and legs. Such condition should not be overlooked as this can be alarming sing of stroke. In very rare cases such numbness in face can be experienced due to development of tumor in nerve or even in brain. The persistency and frequency of numbness may majorly depend on the existing condition. The affected person may experience sudden onset of the symptom. However, in case of facial numbness experienced due to neuropathic causes the condition may progress gradually and worsen through time.

Incase you experience sudden onset of numbness of face accompanied by numbness or lowered sensation or weakness of other body parts, it is essential to seek immediate medical treatment. Extreme headache, unusual level of consciousness or alertness etc may also be sign of strokes, hence medical attention is crucial.

Accompanying symptoms with numbness in face:

Numbness of face is a condition which in some cases may itself be a symptom of possible physical abnormality. Sometimes this condition may also be accompanied by other symptoms. These symptoms may include:

Blisters on skin or other skin abnormalities

Sensitive or increased sensation

Tingling sensation

Pain in the surrounding region



Reddened skin


There are some symptoms related to other parts of the body which may include:

Unusual Sensation

Difficulty in balancing or walking

Sensitivity or increased sensation to touch

Impaired body coordination

Nerve ache

Weakness in muscles

Tingling or numbness experienced in other parts of the body

Experiencing ache while walking

Intense pain which may aggravate at night

Severe symptoms experienced with numbness in face:

There are some severe symptoms that may be experienced along with face numbness such as, weak on one side of the body, in such a case you should seek immediate medical attention. Other such serious abnormalities may include.

Lowered concentration or hindered alertness, being absent minded etc

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Behavioral change

Change in psychological factors, such as delirium, hallucination etc

Unclear or slurred speech

Paralysis of body parts

Ocular difficulties such as loss of vision or eye pain etc

Extremely intolerable head ache

Causes of Numbness in face:

There are several causes that may lead to numbness of face, these causes are categorized in three classes namely common causes, sever causes or disease the causes numbness in face.

Common Causes of Numbness in the Face

Too much exposure to cold

Exposure to toxin

Exposure to poisonous substance

Traumatic injury

Pressed or damaged nerve

Disease or disorders that may cause numbness in face:


Disease that affects brains as well as spinal cord, hindered balance etc, for example Multiple Sclerosis


Deficiency of vitamins in body

Severe causes of face numbness:

Tumors developed in nerve or brain

Extremely sharp head ache


Temporary strokes or transient ischemia episode

Diagnosis of numbness in face:

Numbness of diagnosis techniques may be adopted to determine the cause of such sensation. But prior to that, your doctor may ask you several questions before suggesting you other methods. These questions may include:

When you started having such numbness of face or it has been how long since you first experienced it?

Is such numbness is experienced too frequently?

Exactly where do you sense numbness on face?

Is such a sensation is accompanied by other symptoms, if yes then what are they?

He may also ask you about your medical history as well as you family history

If you are taking medicines for other physical issues then what are they?

Complication of numbness in face:

Numbness may be benign but that same time can also be life threatening. It can be a formidable sign of any possible disease; hence, one should seek medical aid as soon as possible. There are numerous risks that can follow such a sensation if the condition is not handled or treated timely. If you experience any of the above symptoms you should immediately call for medical assistance which may control complications.

There are possibilities that you may suffer from severe brain damage in case the numbness in face that you experience is also associated with stroke. The condition of numb sensation if not manages or treated timely, it may progress to lead to paralysis. Possibilities are also that a person may suffer from permanent nerve damage as well. These are just a few of many complications that may result after experiencing numbness in face.

Treatment of numbness in face:

Most people perceive that such lowered sensation may be temporary and ebb away with time, which is wrong. In fact any numbness may be serious indication of possible physical abnormality that may be developing insidiously. As mentioned above the conditions may lead to several complications. Hence, it is crucial to consult you doctor and take instructions on managing the condition. The treatment of numbness experienced on face may depend on the root cause of the disorder or disease. Your doctor may be able to suggest you medical regimen only after diagnosing and understanding the chief reason for numbness in face.

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