Numbness of legs and feet

Numbness of legs and feet should not be taken lightly. This is in fact an abnormal condition wherein a person experiences tingling, reduced or loss of sensation at legs and feet. Such numbness may happen at anywhere in the body such as hands, face, feet, legs etc. Some tingling sensation or numbness when experienced in the extremities may indicate possible nerve damage. In usual cases numbness of face usually arises due to insufficient blood supply to a particular region of the body or even due to nerve damage.

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In some cases numbness may also arise due to infection, trauma etc. Some cases of numbness of leg and feet may not be serious but it should not be neglected, as it may also occur with tumor or stroke. Before numbness is experienced, the person may also feel pinches or needle- poke or burning sensation which is called to be paresthesias. Depending on the factor causing numbness, the period of affliction may be shorter. For example numbness in legs and feet experienced while sleeping may ebb away immediately after getting up. This happens because your nerves get pressed and blood supply is reduced throughout your hand and leg.

Chronic numbness of legs and feet may probably be a sign of nerve damage to certain extent. This may happen due to conditions such as diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, etc. It is also the nerve entrapment that numbness may be caused, for example carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some other causes of numbness of legs and feet may include:

• Plaque of nerve damage

• Strokes

• Neuro degeneration which may lead to multiple sclerosis

• Sciatica

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• Diabetes mellitus

• Cancer

• Development of cysts

Some possible symptoms along with numbness of legs and feet:

Numbness of legs and feet is a symptom in itself but there are some other symptoms that may occur simultaneously along with such numbness. The condition can be unilateral (associated with one leg) or bilateral (associated with both the legs). Sometime the conditions may seem like tingling sensation which may turn into lack of feeling. Sometimes numbness may be felt at lower back and spine, and legs and feet may start paining; this condition arises due to compressed nerves. These additional symptoms that occur along with numbness may help in understanding the cause of the issue. Some common symptoms experienced with numbness in feet and leg are as follows:

• Anxiety

• Burning sensation

• Increased frequency of lavatory visit for urination

• Increase numbness or ache while walking

• Increased region of numbness

• Spasms of muscles

• Prickling sensation

• Rashes on skin

• Increased sensitivity to touch

• Itches

Some symptoms that accompany numbness of legs and feet may indicate serious conditions and immediate medical attention should be taken. Some of these symptoms are:

• Reduced concentration or loss of consciousness

• Respiratory issues

• Difficulty while walking

• Drowsiness and dizziness

• Back pain or injury along with Foot numbness

• Loss or reduced control over bowel or bladder

• Ocular disabilities or vision changes

• Paralysis

• Slurred or unclear speech

• Sudden onset of numbness

• Loss or reduced strength or impuissance

Treatment for numbness in leg as well as feet may widely depend on the cause of the issue. However, in most cases wherein the numbness is not persistent and ebb away immediately as well as it is not frequent, then it can be neglected. However, if you experienced numbness of legs and feet frequently then seek immediate medical attention.

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