Old Age Diseases, Old Age Illnesses and Treatments

Older age diseases treatment for the elderly population can help improve  their quality  of life, help them with mobility and help maintain good health Though ageing is a normal process, age related ailments can affect activities and functioning of people who were once young.  Day to day activities like walking, personal hygiene, thinking eating can become taxing and almost impracticable after an injury or illness. Old age diseases treatment can help treat these problems and ensure that the person can improve his longevity.

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We should remember that even in our old age, we can surprise ourselves with our innate quality to do things that we thought were not possible. We should believe that mind can rule our matter, if we condition our mind and body to be stress free and healthy respectively.  Let us look at some of the therapy that an old aged person may need due to the diseases that plague old age.

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Old age illnesses:

In the course of ageing,  here are some diseases that confront people as they pass 60.

1.       Arthritis:  Arthritis and osteoporosis are the common bone and joint disorders that affect senior citizens.

2. Cardiac and pulmonary disease:

3.       Parkinson’s Disease:  One of the common illnesses that affect old age.

4.       Dementia

5.       Alzheimer’s disease

6.       Coordination and balance disorders:

Disorders in old age

Apart from the above mentioned illnesses in old age, there are problems like partial lose of eye-sight, loss of energy and inability to move as quickly, hip fractures, knee problems, back problems, urinary and fecal incontinence. But with proper care, good healthy practices, diet and exercises, we can delay most of these problems, delay progression of chronic diseases,  prevent bone and joint problems and many other illnesses that plague old age.

You can expect improved overall health; reduce pain in the joints, increasing mobility, enhanced sleeping patterns, improved circulation, reduction of stress, delayed progression  of chronic diseases, speedy recovery from fractures and surgeries, prevention of disabilities etc. Make sure you take health insurance with adequate cover as well; there are some covers for senior citizens as well.


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