One Breast Bigger Than the Other

One breast bigger than other; is a major grouse that some women have . This may be due to swelling which may influence either both the breasts or only one side which may make one breast bigger than the other. But this does not mean that any swelling may be benign; it is best to consult a doctor before you take any voluntary step. It is obviously crucial that any breast swelling or formation of lumps shall be examined by a certified doctor.

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Though these conditions are not fatal in most cases, but a good line of treatment can be suggested by a professional physician. An interesting fact is that both breasts of any woman is not exactly similar in size, it is by nature that there are difference in the size of breasts of a female.

Causes of  one sided breast swelling

1. It is normal to have one breast bigger or smaller than the other. In fact, women may feel that their breasts are large, tender and lumpy before their period. Also during pregnancy, they grow large due to milk producing cells. The change in the color of nipples before pregnancy and during breast-feeding is also normal. The only problem of breast size is when one is noticeably larger than the other, there is a change in the shape, pulling of the skin etc. Swelling in the armpit and thickening or lumpy sensation that feels different than the rest of the area, may need medical attention.

2. According to studies it is noticed that women on contraceptive medications or/ and hormone replacement therapy (abbreviated as HRT) usually experiences breasts enhancement. This breasts enlargement may be influential on both the breasts (bilateral) or in some cases it will be associated with one side breast (Unilateral). These two are among the common causes that make one breasts bigger than the other.

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3. In some cases infection may result in some fluctuations which may make your one breast look bigger than the other. One of the common breast infections is Mastitis which is mostly found in women who are lactating or in other words breast feeding. The phenomenon causes breasts swelling.

4. Breasts abscess is another factor that may make your one breast bigger than the other. This is a condition wherein accumulation of pus in the breasts is noticed. This is again common in women who are breast feeding.

5. Cellutitis that is inflammatory sensation of the skin which may be caused due to infection may also lead to swelling.

6. Another common reason of unusual swelling of breasts is any kind of trauma or injury to your bust.

7. Cysts may also add to the factors that causes abnormal swelling of breasts. Cysts are small sac which contains some kind of fluid. In such a condition your breast may look bigger due to the prevalence of cysts. This cyst may also be painful just before the time of your menstrual cycle. Another type of cysts may be formed because of collection of pouches of milk in the breasts during phase of lactation.

8. Breast implant or breasts enlargement is among the frequent causes of abnormal breasts size. These are surgical treatments which are conducted to make breasts look bigger and attractive. The female undergoing the surgery may experience pseudo lumps in breasts which may be caused due to scar tissue. This may make you experience that one breast is bigger than other.

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