Onion Health Benefits

Onions have been used for more than 5,000 years to cure almost anything under the sun.  Researchers have found that onion has a good effect on HDL(good) cholesterol.  Raw onions boost HDL levels that is actually destroyed by foods that are cooked.  If you want to eat onions that are good for the heart and body overall, go for the hotter white and yellow onions, mild red onions are not as effective. The stronger the taste of onion, the higher is the elevation of HDLs.

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Onions include a good mixture of chemicals that are quite therapeutic to the cardiovascular system.  There are three main benefits of eating onions:

  1. They contain chemical compounds that lower blood pressure.
  2. Onions contain adenosine and such other chemicals that keep platelets from sticking to each other.
  3. They perk up the body’s blood clot dissolving or fibrinolytic system.

So, we see that the chemicals in an onions does not even  keep platelets from sticking to each other, they also work to dissolve clots as they form.  Onions, cooked as well as raw, contain chemicals that promote clot breakup.

There have been studies in Massachusetts that show that men with high blood levels of fibrinogen (the basic substances that cause clots) _ are more likely to suffer strokes, artery and coronary heart diseases.  Researchers add that too much fibrinogen in the blood can be as harmful as high blood pressure.  Eating onions can combat high fibrinogen.

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You can eat onions raw, boiled, dried as well as fried; all of them can be useful to partially clear blood off the harmful effects of dietary fat.  That is why it is useful to top up your burger with a nice generous filling of raw onion or have some onions along with the meat that you eat.

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