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An Ortho Evra lawsuit was filed by a woman in Georgia in the Federal Court New Jersey, on September 2, 2005; who suffered from pulmonary embolism. She alleged in her statement that the company has promoted the patch without even mentioning about its health risk, for pure commercial gains. She said that the company had no warned to the public about the Ortho Evra blood clot risk and other injuries.

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Two months later in November 2005, CBS News compiled a story about a lawsuit from a young woman who becomes paralyzed by stroke and was a total invalid. The News also said that there were nearly 500 reports of highly impacting health problems such as paralysis between April 2002 and December 2004.  At the same time compared to the Ortho Evra lawsuit, there were just 61 filed in connection with normal birth control pills.

There was another lawsuit for this birth control patch again when the parents of a 14 year old girl from Wisconsin filed against Johnson & Johnson of which Ortho Mc Neil is a division,  stating that their girl died from blood clot due to using Ortho Evra patch.  The turn of events made FDA order the coapny to come up with a warning to the millions of women who use this birth control pill which is as good as birth control pill, in preventing unwanted pregnancy, but with an added benefit of once a week application compared to the daily pill.

The warning on Ortho Evra shows that women are exposed to 60 percent more estrogen compared to those who use oral birth control pills or oral contraceptives as hormones from the patch go directly into the blood stream while applied on the skin. Check out the application technique of the birth control patch.

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In fact, a year earlier, in 2004; there was a study by FDA which shows that Ortho Evra increased the risk of blood clots by 300 percent, reason enough for a woman to be prone to the fatal pulmonary embolism, strokes and heart-attacks.

In case, you find out that you are suffering from blood clots after taking Ortho Evra patch, please contact a reputed, experienced and a sharp Ortho Evra lawyer to get compensation and protect your legal rights. Though the warning has been out since 2005, the damage was done as a risk for 4 million women who used the patch since it was marketed in 2002. In all, there has been 23 deaths due to Ortho Evra of which 17 cases are due to blood clots directly.

Seven Ortho Evra lawsuits were filed in one day against Johnson & Johnson in January 2006. In September 2006, the still hot selling Ortho Levra issued warning labels in conjunction with FDA that women using the patch are twice as likely to suffer serious blood clots. A lead petitioner attorney informed Bloomberg News that in March 31, 2008 a fund has paid out just over $69  million to settle Ortho Levra litigation. In fact, it is reported that Johnson & Johnson went for a $1.25 million settlement for an Ortho Evra lawsuit filed by a 14 year old girl who suffered two blood cloths in her lungs after using the patch for a few weeks. There is a common benefit fund that receives three percent of every legal settlement for this birth control patch to compensate lawyers for their services and collected evidence which has been used by all lawyers who have pursued a string of such cases.

Ortho Evra lawyers who are experts in this subject will do extensive groundwork on your case and also present interesting, relevant case studies to strengthen you case. Compared to a rank lawyer, an Ortho Evra lawyer is specialized in this field and knows what she is doing.  She may refer to the cases of people who have been affected whose information has been recorded and point out loopholes in a time-frame so that you get good compensation.

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