Over the Counter Nasal Spray and Prescription Nasal Spray

Have you ever tried using an over the counter nasal spray? People with nasal irritations sometimes go for nasal sprays without prescription to lessen such hassles of going to the doctors for consultation and cut the costs of doctor’s fees and other associated bills. Most people think this option could save those lots of time and money. However, results from both clinical studies and users’ feedbacks have shown that these nasal sprays that are easily obtained over the counter can pose addiction problems. Why is this so?

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The answer mainly lies in the contents or formulation of these over the counter nasal sprays. These nasal sprays usually contain Neo-Synephrine or phenylephrine and Afrin or oxymetazoline. These substances are proven effective for treating nasal congestion but over the counter nasal sprays tend to make the body more dependent to it. They have somewhat incorporated other related substances that causes the dependence issue.

In fact, your nasal congestion problems can be treated effectively in just about 3 days. As you take the spray more often, the body becomes more attached to it and soon you will realize that you can never let an hour pass each day without using the spray along for nasal treatment. This problem is commonly known as rhinitis medicamentosa or simply rhinitis.

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Once you have rhinitis, the doctor’s first approach in treating the illness is to get rid of your spray dependence. He may prescribe other medicines to stop the course of spray dependence like oral corticosteroids. He may also give other medications along with it and change your previous spray with a prescription nasal spray. Prescription nasal spray has a special and medically proven formulation that takes away nasal congestion faster and even helps you to get rid of rhinitis effectively.

Nasal antihistamines, nasal anticholinergics and nasal steroids are the main types of prescription nasal sprays that do not produce substance dependence and other ill complications even for longer periods of use as patients may require individual healing time in getting rid of rhinitis. Prescription nasal spray is an honest solution in this case.

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