Pain after Root Canal

Most people perceive that the pain after root canal is extremely traumatic, but in fact, it may be painful but not to that extent as people perceive. Root canal is actually the space within the affected tooth’s root. It is mostly seen in coronal part of the tooth and is said to be a portion of space that occurs naturally and comprises pulp chamber. It also consist chief canal or canals and complex branches that interlink these root canals or connects the canal to the roots surface.

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It should be known that root canal procedures are not as traumatic as showed in movies or wrongly perceived by people. In fact some dentists also explain that this procedure may be comparatively benign than dental filling procedure or crowning. In this procedure most of the work is done by small instrument and devices. In some cases the tooth is dead internally, which may also eradicate the need of using Novocain. It should be understood that the root canal treatment is suggested to prevent as well as solve existing toothache issues; it does not lead to tooth ache. In fact as compared to pain after root canal treatment, toot extraction is even more traumatic. Most people, due to the fear of root canal pain, select to undergo tooth extraction rather than root canal procedure.

Why is there pain after root canal treatment?

There are two possibilities that may cause root canal pain. First possibility of tooth ache may be interior of your affected tooth. The inner anatomy of your affected tooth is perhaps the chief reason of initial tooth ache. This happens when the tissues in your tooth get affected by infection caused by deep decay or even trauma; this results in pain. The second reason that causes tooth pain is due to ligament that surrounds or in fact adjoins the tooth with the bone. The infection influencing the tooth eventually progresses and spreads. This infection usually exits the tooth through its top where it causes infection to the bone surrounding the end of your affected tooth. These ligaments around the tooth are perhaps the most common reason that leads to pain after root canal treatment.

It is essential to seek dental treatment immediately when you first experience tooth ache. This will reduce the chances of you experiencing tooth pain post dental procedures. The reason behind this is that the more time you leave the infection untreated the more it penetrates into the tooth or root which makes it more difficult to eradicate the issues. If the infection has spread to your entire tooth, it can be solved through procedure, but if it has reached you’re the bone then only the sources causing the infection can be eradicated.

During performing a root canal procedure, the dentist will take out all the soft tissues that are present in side the tooth. Some tissues will unavoidably be pushed to the end of your affected tooth, through the top into the bone. The degree of pain depends on the extent of the infection. This may also be depended on the instrument used by your dentists as it may penetrate through the top and cause irritation to these tissues. If this happens there are chances that the operated tooth will hurt later after the procedure. This does not mean that the dental care expert has performed the procedure inefficiently. In fact, some of the eminent dental care experts assert that when an endodontic procedure if performed appropriately, there will surely be some pain experienced by the patients after the procedure.

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Managing pain after root canal:

There are few ways which may help you to reduce the pain after root canal procedure. These methods are mostly suggested by the dentist providing assistance in your case. One of these ways includes reduction of the tooth that is treated with the procedure. This is done usually after the appointment. Reduction of tooth seems to be very effective as the technique reduces the size of tooth that avoids force or friction to the tooth when you clench your teeth together. This is considered to be a very efficacious technique to reduce paint after root canal.

The second method to reduced post procedure tooth pain is by taking anti-pain drugs. There are anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, which are usually given to the patient before the procedure. The inflammatory reaction of the body causes the tooth to protrude a little; this makes you apply force on this particular tooth more than other teeth. This leads to extreme pain in recurrent circular manner with recursive swelling and pain one after other. By adopting any of the aforementioned techniques your dentist can cease the cycle of swelling and pain and can provide relief from the inflammation.

Incase you underwent a root canal treatment and you still experience pain after root canal procedure, while clenching your teeth, then it is suggested to visit your dentists immediately and discuss the issues with him. A simple procedure to reduce the tooth may provide some relief as well as avoid the onset of swelling and pain cycle. Some time it may become necessary to use antibiotics post root canal procedure. Incase, the afflicted infection has extended to bones surrounding the apex, then use of antibiotic may heal the issue.

It is a different case wherein a tooth that was treated with endodontic, may experience ache exacerbated due to cold temperature. This kind of ache is due to the internal anatomy of your tooth as well as it may also indicate presence of live tissues in your tooth. In such a case consult your dentist again and get the issues diagnosed; there are chances that a canal is left behind.

Delayed pain after root canal treatment:

There are possibilities that you may feel good post root canal procedure, but after some time you may start experiencing pain or inflammation. If this happens there are chances that it was a failed root canal treatment and you may have to undergo the treatment again. There are significantly less chances of failed root canal treatments. In rare cases, wherein several procedures as well as other treatments do not work, then tooth extraction severs as the last hope.

It should be known that teeth are essential part of body; hence, any issue related to your mouth should be diagnosed immediately. If you feel pain after root canal procedure is completed, do not hesitate to re- visit your dentist and get the issues solved.

Root Canal Video

Check out the root canal video, to find out how the treatment is done.

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