Pain in Elbow and Forearm

Pain in elbow and forearm is one of the common complains of people. Elbow as well as forearm both are important parts of the body. The movement of the hands is highly depended on the elbow joints. Elbow is considered as the epicenter of the pressures that is taken by the hand while performing various tasks such as lifting, pulling etc. Similarly the strength of forearms also helps in performing such heavy tasks. It is no doubt that elbow joint as well as forearm both are subjected to extreme pressure and stress. Elbow together with forearms bears a design that enables us to perform our daily tasks.

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Possible causes of pain in elbow and forearm:

• Tendinitis:

Tendinitis is an a condition wherein inflammation and/ or swelling of elbow region is experienced. The reason why such inflammatory condition is referred to as tendinitis is that the issue involves complications in the tendons surrounding elbow and forearm. Pain in elbow and forearm may be experienced on touching the affected region.

• Elbow or forearm injury:

Pain in the elbow and forearm may also occur due to injuries around forearm or elbow joint. This injury may result from fall, collision, accidents etc. These injuries may be traumatic and cause pain that may persist for a long time.

• Fracture in the Elbow:

Certain injuries may be as severe as it may affect the joint and cause fracture in the elbow. The pain arising out of such injuries may extend and cause pain in elbow and forearm both. Incase when small blood vessels that surrounds the elbow gets, damaged you may experience pain in the elbow.

• Dislocation of elbow:

Sometime, you may wrongly perceive that you are suffering from elbow fracture which, in fact, may be dislocation of elbow. Dislocation of elbow may impart same effect and pain in elbow and forearm as experienced in case of fractures. Such conditions arises due to sudden impact on hand, fall etc. One should see a doctor as soon as any abnormalities in elbow or forearm bone is experienced. If this dislocated condition is left untreated for significantly long time, then the condition may become permanent.

• Arthritis:

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Arthritis is a condition which may affect the elbow and cause pain. This condition affects the joints, of the body which also include elbow joint. There are two common sorts of arthritis that may affect your elbow joint, namely osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. When the condition maturates it may make it difficult to move your hand. The difficulties may even extend causing pain in elbow and forearm.

How to get relief from pain in elbow and forearm

If you experience pain in elbow and forearm, it is essential to know the cause of the pain. Here are some measures that can be adopted to gain relief from pain:

• Ice pack:

If any pain is experienced, one should apply ice pack on the affected region to gain relief. Keep the ice pack on the elbow or forearm for half an hour. If the pain in elbow and forearm persist for longer time, then increase the period for which you apply the ice pack. Continue this measure for a few days.

• Air splint:

If pain in elbow and forearm is experienced while moving the hand, then you may also make use of air splint that lessens the pain. Air splint can be obtained from local pharmaceutical distributor or else you can also buy air splint online. The best way to obtain air splint is to ask your doctor to provide one.

• Rest:

It is essential to avoid straining activities such as lifting, pulling etc. While you are under treatment for pain in elbow and forearms, it is better you stop performing your regular stressful activity. Try to avoid movement of hand movement and give your hand some time to recover from the condition.

• Physical therapy:

Consult a certified physical therapist and get to know about exercises and measures that may help you in restoring your health, related to pain in elbow and forearm.

• Medications:

Medical industry has introduced numerous treatments that may help in gaining relief. If the experienced pain in elbow and forearm is acute, then taking normal pain relief medication will calm the ache and reduce the difficulties. If the condition has occurred due to certain severe reason then taking specific medication may help.

• Surgical treatments:

Though most pain may ebb away with conventional medical therapy or other treatments, some severe cases may need to be treated with surgical procedures. These treatments are invasive treatments which are suggested only in extreme cases. Depending on the severity of the condition these invasive treatments are suggested to the patient. However, not all patients qualify for such surgical treatments due to inappropriate physical condition.

One should not decide any treatment without informing a certified health care expert. The best aid that you can obtain in order to get rid of pain in elbow and forearm is by consulting a certified doctor who can evaluate the condition and suggest you appropriate treatment.

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