Pain in lower left back-Causes, Treatment

Pain in lower left back is one of the most common reasons for consultation with an Orthopedic Doctor. The pain is caused by various reasons, one of which is due to a misused muscle at the back. This pain should not be ignored for it could mean a serious condition.

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Causes of Lower Left Back Pain

Our lower left back is made of different structures. The spine that connects to this region is called the lumbar spine. It is composed of five vertebrae that help protect our spinal cord. Each of these vertebrae is consist of cartilage that helps with the movement and stabilization. Around this area are muscles and ligaments that help support movements and also add stability.

There are many reasons why pain in lower left back occurs such as:

• During pregnancy. It is very common for pregnant women to feel pain especially at the lower left back. This pain is due to the hormonal changes, and of course, the growth of the uterus. As the uterus expands, the center of gravity of the body shifts which weakens the abdominal muscles and causes pain.

• Repetitive lifting of large / heavy objects

• Too much exercise

• Poor posture

• Obesity

• Aging

• Arthritis. When the back joints becomes worn & inflamed.

• Wear and tear. When the cartilages between the vertebrae are too thin. This causes pain especially when moving.

• Osteoporosis. When the bones lose their density and put you at risk of bone fractures.

• Herniated disk. When a disk gets herniated or a part of it bulges out or slides into the spinal cord, this results to a very painful feeling due to the pinched nerve. The pain may spread through the legs and to the toes as well.

• Kidney stones. When the lower left back pain is accompanied by urinating problems and the presence of blood in the urine, you might have kidney stone problems. Have it checked by your doctor right away.

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• Muscle injury / pulled diaphragm muscle. Muscle spasm that causes sharp pain during sudden movements can cause pain to radiate throughout the chest, abdomen and the back as well.

Intensity of Pain

Lower back aches are not equal in intensity. The pain can be dull or sharp, and it could be concentrated in one place or can extend throughout the neighboring areas.

There are two categories of lower left back pain.

• Acute pain stops after treatment is given.

• Chronic pain still continues even after treatment had been provided. Though pain can be relieved for a short period of time, but the possibility of flaring up again is present.

Take note that that the severity of pain isn’t necessarily proportional to the gravity of the condition. Most of the time, a little pain when left untreated may lead to more serious problems.

Treatment for Pain in Lower Left Back

Physical therapy, exercise, and a good rest are usually recommended as good relief for pain in lower left back. Heat or cold compress can provide temporary relief as well. But for serious conditions, treatment may vary depending on the cause. It is important to cooperate with your doctor such that you’ll be able to do the things you used to do and with no pain at all.

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