Pain in the Lower Right Abdomen, Causes

Pain in the lower right abdomen can be serious as well as temporary; however, any kind of abdomen pain should not be overlooked and immediate treatment should be opted. The pain may not only stay at the lower right abdomen but it may also spread to the back or left side etc. Such pain may not be benign and may be a formidable sign of any possible physical health issue. There are numerous causes that may lead to abdomen ache. This article will help you know some of the possible causes of pain the lower right stomach.

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Causes of pain in the lower right abdomen:


Appendicitis is mostly recorded in case of people ageing between 11 and 39; however, it can afflict people of any age. Under this condition the pain usually starts around the umbilicus, colloquially known as belly button. This pain gradually moves towards the lower right abdomen. The condition is also associated with queasiness and vomiting, decrease in appetite as well as increased body temperature.


People suffering from constipation may also feel pain in the lower right abdomen. Constipation is easy to diagnose as the frequency of visiting the toilet is reduced or the quantity of stool passed is reduced than usual, but you still feel to visit lavatory. It is essential to visit a doctor even if you perceive that the pain is due to constipation, as this may not only provide you relief from the condition but will also help in determining prevalence of other physical conditions.

Cancer of Bowel:

Pain in the lower right abdomen causing due to bowel cancer is quite uncommon. However, such a condition is recorded in case of old aged individuals who have been suffering from stomach ache, dramatic weight loss, reduction in appetite and bowel changes such as frequency of visits to lavatory. Such symptoms are experienced approximately three months from the time of affliction of the physical condition. It is essential for all to consult a doctor immediately whenever you find any changes in your bowel movement.


Endometriosis is a condition wherein conventional womb tissues appear on the outer side of the womb. If the condition is on the right side tube, ovary or the first portion of the larger bowel, this may lead to pain in the lower right abdomen. Often the pain is intolerable on this side of the menses as well as you may also notice soft protrusion on the afflicted side. It is difficult to determine the issues alone by its symptoms. You should undergo appropriate diagnosis for the issue.


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Hernia on the right side of the body may also cause lower right stomach pain. This may also happen when the hernia turn obstructive and gets caught in the stomach. Along with pain in the lower right abdomen it may also cause inflammation in upper thigh region and may result in protrusion of the groin. The affected individuals may also suffer from bloating or even feel queasiness and vomiting. There are also chances of dilation of abdominal or bowel obstruction in such a case. Hernia may also be accompanied by constipation; hence, diagnosis is the best option to determine the disease appropriately.

Kidney stones:

Kidney stone is not an uncommon physical condition to people. Stones in the kidney or the tubes that drain kidney, the uterus, may also serve as the reason for sudden onset of pain in lower right abdomen. This pain can be experienced in the right side of the stomach, if the right kidney contains stones. It should be known that the pain caused due to this condition is extremely severe and intolerable. The ache may spread to the side of the lower back or may reach to tip of the penis in case of men. The patient suffering from the disorder may try to find various positions seeking comfort; the pain is usually experienced in the morning and may wake up a patient from sleep.

Crohn’s disease:

Crohn’s disease is amongst the known bowel inflammation diseases. This is a complex disease as it becomes difficult to determine it as it mimics numerous other causes of abdominal pain. In most cases the disease is a chronic issue, which my also contribute to the factors causing pain in lower right abdominal area.  Read more about Crohn’s Disease symptoms, treatment.


Salpingitis is a physical condition wherein the tube gets infected; it is another factor causing pain in the lower right abdomen. This physical issue is believed to be common amongst women who are sexually active and have more than one intimate partner. The most common organisms that cause such infection are Chlamydia as well as gonorrhea. The afflicted woman may experience pain on the side where the tube is situated. Other symptoms of the physical condition may include discharge from vagina, inflammation or pain during intercourse as well as increase in body temperature. It is essential to diagnose the condition appropriately in order to avoid infertility as well as malfunction of the tube.

Sickle Cell Disease:

Sickle cell disease patients may also experience pain in the right lower stomach region. This disease may be genetic as well and may be in the bloodline since several generations.

Psoas Abscess:

There are some kind of infections such as kidney infection that may tract down till lower region of stomach which may also cause pain in the lower right abdomen. The condition actually affects the muscles in the floor of abdomen known as psoas muscles. One may also experience swelling in the abdomen when the pus gets collected in the affected region of the abdomen. Along with pain, there may be other symptoms that may include dramatic lose of weight, reduced appetite, sweating at night and sometime mass felt in lower stomach.

Mesenteric Lymphadenitis

Mesenteric Lymphadenitis serves as one of the most common causes of pain in the lower right abdomen in children. This condition may seem like appendicitis as it mimics appendicitis signs and symptoms.

These are merely few of the possible conditions that may lead to pain in the lower right abdomen. If you experience any kind of pain in any region of the abdomen, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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