Pain Right Side Below Ribs

Are you currently suffering from pain right side below ribs? Do you find it frustrating that after all the series of tests and physical examinations, the results turned out okay and nothing is wrong? You probably have a lot of questions in mind but with no answers. You are not crazy and you are definitely not making this up, thousands of people out there are suffering from this exact pain for years on end.

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Symptoms that come with Pain on the Right Side below the Ribs

• Intermittent or sharp stabbing pain

• Burning sensation

• Pain when sitting down

• Pain accompanied by gas

• Intermittent pain

If you are experiencing all these symptoms mentioned above, then read further for you might just discover what gives you pain right side below ribs.

Causes of Pain Right Side below Ribs

Gallbladder Disease

The gallbladder is a small organ located just below the liver. Its main function is to store bile, a substance secreted by the liver, and deliver it to the intestines. When the bile contains abnormal substances it results to the formation of gallstones. The gallstones, in turn, cause inflammation in the gallbladder which leads to pain right side below ribs.

You probably had yourself tested but results came out negative in your gallbladder test. This can put a lot of confusion in most people as well as doctors. If you really feel that the pain is caused by the gallbladder, ask your doctor to have you tested in the old classic way of gallbladder testing wherein they give you dye tabs and some medications that cause your gallbladder to contract. An x-ray scan will then be conducted to check for any problems with your gallbladder. Compared to the more modern ultrasound, this test can often find gallbladder problems which ultrasounds can’t.

Take note that the gallbladder could be just one of the many causes. Some patients resolve to have their gallbladder removed but the pain still persists. Check out other possible causes too, before deciding on the course of action.


Costochondritis is an inflammation at the junction of the upper ribs that joins with the cartilage. This condition mimics a heart attack pain but the difference is the pain caused by costochondritis is more localized. This condition is pretty harmless and there has still been no known cure and the pain will just go away on its own. Though the pain is more concentrated along the fourth to the sixth rib, we cannot rule out costochondritis as one of the possible causes because this condition can manifest itself along one side of the ribcage.

Costochondral Separation

Costochondrol separation, or also known as loose cartilage, is a condition in which a cartilage breaks off from the ribcage. This could happen after you experience a heavy blow to the chest or a hard fall especially at the side. The pain may subside but may come back when the loose cartilage get pressed or inflamed, or during severe coughing.

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Rib fractures are not often apparent on x-ray scans. Just because the result came out negative doesn’t mean the fracture doesn’t exist. One way of examining loose cartilage is by pulling up your ribcage and feeling the cartilages below for any fractures. Take note that only doctors are allowed to do this and don’t worry since there is no surgery or opening of chest involved in this technique.

Iron overload

Iron overload is also medically known as Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HCC). From the word hereditary, it simply means this is genetic type of disorder. It is having too much iron present in the body. Excessive iron can endanger vital organs and even lead to liver cancer, heart failure, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, and other conditions that could be life threatening. One of the symptoms of iron overload is pain in the abdomen which may radiate toward the right side below ribs.

Try putting off iron and vitamins for a while to see if this helps. Though iron overload is a hereditary, maybe you don’t exactly have this disorder but you are just getting high concentrations of this mineral which may have caused the problem.

HELLP syndrome

For those who had been pregnant and are experiencing pain right side below ribs, a possible culprit could be HELLP syndrome. HELLP stands for (H) hemolysis, (EL) elevated liver enzymes, and (LP) low platelet count. It is a group of symptoms that occur in pregnant women. The main cause is still unknown, but most women develop this syndrome during their pregnancy; while for others, this happens after the baby is born.

For those who are pregnant but are suffering from this syndrome, the baby must be delivered even the pregnancy is not yet full term as further complications might be more harmful to the mother and her baby.

Liver toxins

Too much toxins in the liver can cause pain right side below ribs. These toxins may come from drinking soda, unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol intake, and artificial colorings, and accumulate in the liver. To relieve your liver of toxins, here are some helpful tips:

Detoxify liver naturally

o Drinking a cup of hot water with ½ fresh lemon juice and a taste of honey first thing in the morning. 20 minutes after, drink a glass of fresh carrot juice with barley powder. Continue doing this routine every morning for as long as it takes until you’re completely cleansed.

o Eat only organic foods and 100% whole wheat bread.

o Eat fresh fruits and vegetables only.

o Drink lots of water.

Tips to reduce pain below ribs

Have your own journal every time you feel pain right side below ribs. List down when the pain occurred, what your activity was at that time or the possible trigger of the pain. By doing this, you can track the activities that can most probably set off the pain. Oftentimes, stress can worsen the pain so avoid being stressed as much as possible. In addition, you can do some stretching or a little exercise as these may help. Rule out each possible cause one by one and discuss with your doctor about the right treatment method.

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