Pink Eye Home Remedies, Treatment for Allergic conjunctivitis

What are the pink eye home remedies? If you want to know what it really means,  you can read more about pink eye symptoms and treatment here.  Although, it is seen more in children, this problem can affect people of any age. Pink eye occurs on the membrane which covers the white area of the eyes. This white area then becomes reddish then inflamed eventually. The conditions can be classified as bacterial or viral forms of infection. The symptoms of the pink eye include redness, swelling, pain, unusual discharge at night and itching.  Treatment for allergic conjunctivitis is also needed considering it is a common problem. There are pink eye home remedies that one can do to relieve the symptoms and treat the condition.

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Causes  of pink eye

There are a number of causes for pink eye. Bacterial and viral infections are some of the common causes. They can be also influenced by a number of irritants such as shampoo, chlorine, smoke or any foreign particles that cause irritation of the eye. Allergens are also a factor that can cause eye irritation too. This is the common cause of pink eye amongst adults. If a pink eye is not treated, it can contaminate and infect the other eye, or another person’s eye, and then another and another. Infection can occur when one rubs his pink eye and then touches an object, thus transferring the bacteria or virus on the object.  If another person gets hold of the same object and then touches his eye, he may be infected as well.

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Home Remedies For Pink Eye

  • Put some chamomile tea bag on the pink eye while they are closed. Leave the bag on it for fifteen minutes. Repeat this method every 2 – 4 hours. Black tea and green tea can be substituted to chamomile tea.
  • Mix a cup of boiling water to Eyebright Tincture of about 2-3 drops. Grab a cloth or cotton ball and dip it into the mixture. Place the cotton ball on the eye and wipe it. Repeat this method several times. This is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for pink eye.
  • Make use of cotton balls dipped on warm water and wipe the crust off or the discharges from the eye specifically from its corners. Repeat this technique when necessary.
  • Make a mixture of honey and warm water. Get a dropper and fill it with the solution. Place 2 drops on each eye. Repeat this method daily, several times. This method can give moderate or mild stinging on the eye.
  • Make a solution that is one tenth baby shampoo from Johnson & Johnson while the nine tenths are warm water. You can either make a hot compress out of this solution or dip the cotton ball on this solution and apply it on the infected eye. This method should only be done once per day.
  • Soak some jasmine flowers with distilled water for about 8 hours. Remove the jasmine flowers after 8 hours of soaking. Grab some eye droppers and fill it with this solution. Place 2 drops in each infected eye. This method is recommendable to patients who are having brown, yellow or green discharge from the eye. This method can be done several times per day.
  • Boric Acid eyes can be used to clean the pink eyes. This can either be used with a clean cloth or a cotton ball. Do this method several times per day.

If it still persists, this maybe an indication of a more serious health problem. Seek medical attention from eye specialists when pink eye home remedy do not work. These are natural remedies, read over the counter medication for pink eye

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