Prescription Drug Abuse, Rehab, Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription drug abuse rehab can be a boon for many who are suffering from addiction to prescription drug addiction. It has long been a global problem. In the United States alone, an estimated 20% of the populace has misused or abused prescription drugs and the number is steadily growing. This has caused great concern not just to the society but to the affected family as well. Today, prescription drugs are readily available both online and offline and this has made obtaining them even without prescription easier. Prescription drugs are very useful in treating certain kinds of medical problems, but when abused, they can cause serious problems such as chronic and permanent damage to the major organs of the body; physical addiction and even death. Thus, prescription drug abuse is a serious concern and it will surely help if you know what the commonly abused prescription drugs are, causes of addiction and rehab available.

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Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Among the host of widely abused drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana; prescription drug is the most commonly abused form of drug which includes stimulants, depressants, steroids and opioids.

• Stimulants – These increase energy, attention and alertness. In addition, stimulants will also increase blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. Stimulants are primarily used in treating respiratory problems like asthma as well as neurological disorders, obesity and other ailments.

• Depressants – This type of prescription drug slows down the normal functioning of the brain. Some depressants even serve as general anesthetics when taken in high dosage. Sedatives and tranquilizers are other examples of depressants.

• Steroid – This drug is officially prescribed by physicians to treat different medical conditions that result to lean muscle mass deficiency like AIDS and cancer. Reports show that men have higher rate of using steroids than women.

• Opioids – This drug is usually prescribed due to its pain-relieving properties. Studies show that proper administration of opioids is safe with rare chances of causing addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse:  Causes

Causes of abusing prescription drugs are different as every abuser has its own reason for drug abuse. However, there are contributing factors that could lead to prescription drug abuse. Here are some of them.

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• Addiction that results when the drug is taken as medication – Although addiction rarely happens even after carefully following the physician’s advice, some addicts still develop prescription drug dependence. Hence, it is very important that you follow the directions given by the physician when taking prescribed drugs like pain relievers. It is somehow normal to be concerned of becoming addicted when taking some prescribed medicines, but it is better to disclose all your worries with your physician to figure out the dosage that won’t lead to addiction.

• Drug is used to relieve tension, for escape or relaxation – Prescription drug abuse sometimes starts when trying to escape from problems. Depressants are taken to chill out after a heavy day and they believe that the drugs were able to help them feel much better. Moreover, depressed people also take prescription drugs for self-medication without the doctor’s approval.

• Drug is used to feel good and high – Because of the competitive environment in school, many students and teenagers think that for them to have an edge, they need to take prescription stimulants. These stimulants help in keeping and improving their focus and to stay awake. Some even take prescription stimulants to stay alert during long trips.

• Prescription drugs are readily accessible compared to illegal drugs – Oftentimes, prescription drugs are easily obtained from medicine cabinets or from relatives or friends. They can be bought easily from the pharmacy.

• Belief that prescription drugs are much safer than street drugs – Many have the wrong perception about prescription drugs. They think that since these are prescribed by physicians, they are totally safe and can be experimented with. They don’t realize that prescription drugs are as dangerous as illegal drugs.

Prescription Drug Rehab

The situation is not totally hopeless for prescription drug abusers as prescription drug rehab is readily available. Drug rehab normally comprises a variety of treatment programs and services to help the abuser. Different methods can be used and usually incorporated with other methods for highly effective rehabilitation.

• Detoxification – Some prescription medication can result to addiction over extended use. Withdrawal is painful and can even be dangerous that is why it is better to detoxify on rehab centers. Rehab centers have doctors and nurses to monitor the whole detoxification process.

• In-patient treatment – In this method, patients are confined to a secure and safe environment for at least 30 days. Patients can focus their attention on addiction recovery and receive group counseling, individual counseling and drug education.

• Outpatient treatment – This treatment approach normally lasts for several months with more concentrated treatment regimens. This approach is only used for patients who are able to even out their drug abuse and do not require 24/7 close monitoring.

• Community-based groups – These groups are especially designed to aid the prescription drug abuser have a life-long abstinence from prescription drug abuse and support groups to help them in handling their addictions.

Prescription drug abuse can happen to anyone. Thus, use prescription drugs according to the doctor’s advice, do not overdose yourself, do not extend them for periods longer than what the doctor advises you to. In case, the addiction happens, you can get treated at a good prescription drug rehab.

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