Raynaud’s phenomenon-Treatment, Symptoms, Causes

The medical term Raynaud’s Phenomenon came into existence by virtue of Maurice Raynaud in 1862. The phenomenon is related to blood supply to the toes, fingers and extremities, wherein due to recurrent spasm of the arteries, these areas become bluish white and painful.

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Raynaud’s Phenomenon Symptoms

The main reason for Raynaud’s Phenomenon is exposure to cold weather  and stress due to intense vibration that happens when you use a vibrating tool like a pneumatic drill.  This makes the arteries go into spasm and shutting off blood supply to the extremities hands and legs.  The skin first turns white, and then bluish tinge, before turning to red as the spasm vanishes when there is restoration of blood supply.

There is also intense pain and tingling in the final stage. Though one can get be cured of Raynaud’s Syndrome, in some cases, there can be permanent damage to the tissues.  The temperature changes being the main trigger, people tend to avoid day to day activities in the apprehension that fluctuation in the weather can escalate the symptoms. In some cases, just getting something from the refridgerator or holding a cold can, can cause an attack.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon Causes

The most common cause of the disease is usage of vibrating tools. The secondary reason can be an underlying disease in the form of autoimmune conditions like systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, , Sjogren’s syndrome etc; some drug treatments, infections and tumors.

Though how these factors cause the syndrome is not clear, it is possible that there can be man aspects in these factors that have a lot to do with the triggering of the syndrome. For instance, our blood clotting system, nerves, chemicals and blood vessel abnormalities can cause problems. It has been seen that Raynaud Syndrome affects women nine times more than it does for men. It is common in teenagers too but they disappear once they turn 20.

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Raynaud’s Phenomenon Pictures

Check out the pictures of a hand inflicted with Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Notice the tinge and color difference.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon Treatment

Wearing warm clothing and avoid temperature changes is good for people who experience mild version of this syndrome.  So warmers like gloves, pockets and portable heating devices can be a boon.  But in the cases, where the Raynaud’s Syndrome is connected to an underlying disease, there has to be a line of treatment  To keep your health in good measure, make sure that you do regular exercise, eat five small meals throughout the day and stop smoking. Also, if you are working in an industrial location  with vibrating tools, ask your employer for a change in job responsibility. There are also medicines to improve circulation and keep the blood vessels dilated.

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