Rhinoplasty for Men, Nose Job for Men

Rhinoplasty for men or nose job for men as it is commonly known in general terms get a new wave of excitement in the cosmetic and surgical industries. Well, human nature never changes after all and the fact remains that men and women alike crave to look perfect from their physical appearances to the things they possess. During the past decades, cosmetic surgery and medical professionals have focused on improving women’s looks. They got global recognition for general cosmetic surgery including rhinoplasty.

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Nosejob for Men – Preliminary Requisites

Rhinoplasty for men was created due to men’s equal craving for pronounced face features The surgery is even dedicated for men with some inborn nose lumps or even deformed noses. The top requisite for interested men is to know if getting a rhinoplasty is right for them. This involves physical health assessments, medical history, surgery procedures, expectations and some other preparations including costs and budget.

Rhinoplasty (nose job) costs for men

If you want to get a base rate for surgery costs, it actually depends on the location, nosejob complexities depending on the each patient’s needs and preferences and of course the doctor’s fees. As a reference, you need about $4000 or more depending on your needs and other rhinoplasty expenses. It is best to get an appointment with your preferred specialist as soon as possible to assess all your needs and expenses so you can prepare a budget for the surgery.

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Age requirement for male rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty for men can be done starting at age 15 while the surgery can be carried out at age 13 in women. Since buys don’t stop growth process or even development unless they are obviously older, nosejob for men is seen on long-term growth potentials starting teenage years.

Rhinoplasty for Men(General Procedure)

Either the surgery is conducted with a local anesthetic or general anesthetics based on the duration of the task, the person’s needs and preferences task complexities. This involves either a close rhinoplasty technique or the open technique. Closed rhinoplasty technique yields faster healing it does not involve an outer tissue incision.

On the other hand, the open technique involves an incision between the skin and the nostrils that normally needs more time for outer layer healing. Both of these techniques aim to minimize scars while giving you a perfect nosejob. If you want to know how long the operation is done, you don not have to worry about it as rhinoplasty for men takes from one to two hours. It is usually done on an out patient scheme.

Post Surgical Concerns for Rhinoplasty in men
Analgesics are prescribed as pain relievers after rhinoplasty. The patient may have gauze packing changed regularly for a few days, about 3 to 5 days in particular. Stitches are eventually dissolved and swelling may last for a few weeks but you can do light tasks afterward. The use of sunscreen is recommended for faster and complete skin regeneration.

Update your doctor about any discomfort you may feel while on healing process so he can prescribe proper medications or provide necessary care and advice for total satisfaction.

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