Rotten Teeth-Causes, Treatment, Pictures

Rotten teeth are unfortunate things to have. They cause an individual inconveniences and discomfort in a lot of ways. Having rotten teeth brings embarrassment and takes away the confidence in your smile or while talking to someone. It can even give a person sleepless nights as a rotten tooth can cause extreme pain. Rotten teeth are not something an individual should ignore. It may start as a problem that can be hidden, but as time passes, the bacteria in the tooth that cause it to rot can spread. Rotten teeth can cause bad breath and aches, and it could also cause other diseases to arise.

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Causes of Rotten Teeth

There are three major factors that cause the teeth to rot – plaque, susceptible surface of the tooth and sugar. This is what basically happens. The teeth are coated with proteins from saliva that could attract bacteria to attach onto the susceptible surface of the teeth. Because of this, plaque will form. When the person eats foods rich in sugar such as carbohydrates, the bacteria feeds on the sugar and this sugar would serve as the bacteria’s energy source. The by-product of this process is the formation of strong acids. This would result to the normal pH of the teeth to drop and would lead to the deterioration of the important minerals that make up the teeth, such as calcium. This would in turn cause the build-up of cavities, and if left unattended, would soon cause rotten teeth.

Co-morbidity of Rotten Teeth

Co-morbidity means another disease could arise from a specific condition. A lot of other diseases can arise because of a rotten tooth. Aside from the pain at the site of the rotten teeth, it often could also cause headaches. More serious diseases could also come about especially if the rotten teeth are left untreated. It could lead to a heart disease and weakness. It might be funny to some, thinking how a simple tooth decay could cause something as serious as a heart disease. The teeth are attached to the veins and nerves where blood circulates. Rotten teeth are carriers of bacteria, and if ignored, the blood could carry the bacteria that are present in the rotten tooth and circulate them all throughout the body. The body has its natural immune system and it will try to fight off the bacteria that invade the body. This would cause the individual to feel weak. And because the heart is the main organ that pumps blood, the bacteria can invade it as well, causing diseases of the heart.

Prevention and Treatment of Rotten Teeth

To prevent the occurrence of rotten teeth, good dental hygiene should be practiced at all times. This includes brushing the teeth at least two times a day and flossing after eating. An antibacterial gargle could also help in preventing the multiplication of bacteria residing in the oral cavity and the teeth.

If an individual has already developed rotten tooth, the first thing to do is to visit the dentist. The dentist would assess the condition of the tooth. If the cavity is mild, the dentist would usually save the tooth by applying fillings on the cavities. If the cavity is bad, root canal treatment is usually advised. If the tooth is really severely rotten, then extraction of that tooth should be done to avoid further infection.

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Rotten teeth are preventable and treatable. It is imperative to always practice good oral hygiene in order to prevent the teeth from decaying.

Rotten teeth pictures

Here are pictures of rotten teeth, you can make out the areas that are affected due to various causes that come into play

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