Self Help for Depression

Self help for depression is important especially for an individual who suffers from depression. Depression is a serious condition that needs prompt and appropriate action. Because if not, the symptoms of being down all the time, not being able to concentrate on most things, inability to make decisions, pessimism and even suicidal thoughts will worsen in time. When this happens, the depressed individual may end up hurting himself or those around him. One should keep in mind that the best person who could help his condition is himself, so knowing the different tips on self help for depression is indeed very valuable.

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Tips on Self Help for Depression

• Know what depression is – It is important to know what you’re fighting with. You should know what depression is and what its signs and symptoms are. Bottom line is, you have to understand what you are dealing with.

• Ask for help – Depression is a difficult condition. The fact is, you can never really fight it by yourself. Seek support from your friends, family and your doctor. It is important to remember that talking it out makes it a lot better and bearable. Never keep the problems to yourself or the condition may worsen.

• Eat right – Make sure that you eat at least 3 times a day. Depression could greatly alter your eating time and habit which may lead to other illness. You can avoid this from happening if you keep to a healthy eating habit.

• Find something you enjoy – Preoccupy yourself if you feel as if you’re on the verge of feeling down. Do something that you enjoy doing to take your mind off your depression.

• Get the right amount of sleep – Resting is important for the brain. If you have a hard time sleeping, find a strategy to sleep like exercising or going out of the house in order to tire yourself out. If this is not effective, seek advice from your psychologist or your doctor.

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• Get ample exercise – Walking or jogging can help alleviate one’s depression. Not only that, but it helps your brain shift its concentration to the exercise and not on some other pessimistic thoughts.

Associate with a friend or someone who can help you:  You can associate with people who are positive and upbeat, who can help you find how to deal with a problem

Listen to mood uplifting songs, read good books and watch inspiring movies- Reading good, self-motivating books, watching inspiring films and listening to some good inspiring music can also help.

Document your progress – Start a daily diary. If you’re the type who is shy to share his or her problems, you can pour out all your emotions in a notebook. Eventually, read it back and see your progress. The positive outcome will lift your mood and will help you greatly.

These self help depression tips are useful and need the full cooperation from none other than you. Focus and patience is the key to get better.

Self Help for Depression without medication benefits

Self help for depression is foremost in starting treatment for depression. Keep in mind that the best person to conquer this condition is none other than yourself. Acknowledge that you are suffering from depression but do not let it lead you. If you have depression, find a way to live with it, keeping in mind that you are the captain of your own body, whatever you command, it will always follow.

Self Help for Depression-Books

Some of the best self help books for depression includes

1. Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns

2.  Climbing out of Depression by Sue Atkinson

3.  Overcoming Depression and Low Mood by Dr Christopher Williams

4. Mind over Mood by authors Dennis Greenberger Christine Padesky

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