Signs of ADD

Do you know the signs of ADD? Read on to learn about Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD.

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Children usually forget things, daydream, and do things without thinking; and that’s pretty normal. But when their playfulness and inattention get in the way of learning and socializing with other kids, then it could be one of the signs of ADD.

ADD or attention deficient disorder is a behavioral disorder that has become more common in children nowadays. If not treated or managed, the signs of ADD can continue until adulthood. Kids afflicted with this disorder are mostly labeled as trouble makers, lazy or undisciplined; but in fact, they are just struggling with the disorder and therefore need help instead of judgment.

Signs of ADD are sorted in three different categories, namely, inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Inattention Symptoms of ADD

Inattention is usually observed at school, at work or at social gatherings. These children or adults show one or more of these symptoms:

• Difficulty in paying attention to small details which often leads in creating messy work and careless mistakes

• Gets easily distracted with nonsense things which interrupts ongoing tasks

• Inability to keep focus on things or activities for long periods of time

• Difficulty in finishing school or office work that needs concentration

• Disorganized daily work habits

• Procrastination

• Frequently shifting from one activity to another

• Usually forgets to do daily activities like missing appointments or bring lunch to school

• Not listening when talking to others and frequently shifting from one topic to another

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• Not following rules or details especially in school or work activities

Hyperactivity Symptoms of ADD

Not all kids with ADD are hyperactive. Some may have problems in concentrating but are not really overly active. But hyperactivity is an obvious sign of ADD. The ADD child tries to do several activities at one time, oftentimes bouncing from one place to another. Even if forcedly told to sit still, a kid with ADD can’t keep his feet or hands from moving. Symptoms include:

• When seated, they keep squirming and fidgeting

• They frequently get up, walk and run around

• Difficulty in engaging in quite or relaxing activities

• Often talks excessively

• Runs and climbs around more frequently even in an inappropriate situations

• They are always “on the go”

• Are quick-tempered or has a “short fuse”

Impulsive Symptoms of ADD

Impulsivity in ADD children causes poor self-control. They can barely restrain themselves from while waiting and frequently interrupt others. Symptoms include:

• Impatience

• Difficulty in waiting for one’s turn

• Answering right away without hearing the complete question; usually guessing the answer

• Frequently interrupting conversations or intruding in others’ work or activities

• Doing things without thoroughly thinking about the consequences

• Starting conversations at the wrong time

Attention deficient disorder can be inherited genetically. This condition can be diagnosed as early as the age of 7 but there are cases wherein the signs of ADD can be detected even during the toddler years. These toddlers are observed to be constantly moving around and are out of control throughout the day.

If a kid diagnosed with ADD is not treated, the symptoms and signs of ADD will persist up to adulthood. Even if they choose to stay put and behave, something will urge them to move around. ADD cannot be resolved without proper treatment. A combination of medication, education, therapy and support can help someone with ADD manage this disorder.

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