Signs of brain tumor

The brain is one of the most vital organs of the body. When there is growth of abnormal cells in the brain then it results in the formation of brain tumor. The brain tumor may be composed of malignant or non cancerous tumor cells. This growth of tumor cells in the brain affects the major functions of the brain like memory, language, motor control, vision etc. and hence brain tumor is a dangerous disease that may result in fatality.

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Brain tumor may be caused by the growth of tumor cells directly in the brain or may spread to the brain from cancer cells in the other organs of the body. If detected early, brain tumor can be cured.

Symptoms or Signs of Brain tumor

A brain tumor may cause the brain to swell up or build up the fluid in the brain or may cause injury to certain areas in the brain or may press against the nerves in the brain. All these factors may result in the symptoms mentioned below:

Memory loss or Cognitive decline: A person with brain tumor may have significant cognitive decline as well as memory loss. He/she may take a lot of time to process information or do simple tasks and this change should not be due to reduced motivation or tiredness.

Headaches: This is a common symptom for almost all ailments and hence should be considered seriously unless accompanied by other symptoms of brain tumor. Headaches that may be caused due to the presence of brain tumor are usually a lot worse in the morning.

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Changes in mood or personality: Brain tumor may also cause certain personality changes in adults. There may be difficulty in concentration, mood swings, bursts of temper, sudden and increased libido or interest in sex, paranoia and decline in social relationships which result in the disruption of daily life.

Problems with vision and hearing: Brian tumor may cause blurred vision, flashing lights, loss of hearing in any one of the ears or both as well as a ringing sound in the ears.

Seizures: Brain tumor is more like to cause seizures in individuals than not. When a person has a seizure he/she may shake or tremble violently with varying degrees of intensity. The seizures may cause visual distortions like blinding lights or unconsciousness. A person may also stare incessantly into the air due to a seizure.

Vomiting and nausea: There may be regular vomiting in the morning which may be accompanied by nausea on rare occasions. But vomiting and nausea are also vague symptoms of brain tumor.

• Physical and speech changes: A person with brain tumor may find it difficult to walk properly or balance oneself. Slow or slurred speech along with incomprehensible communication that may be riddled with erroneous sentences may also be caused by brain tumor.

Causes of Brain tumor

There are no definitive causative factors of brain tumor. However, individuals working in rubber factories, oil refineries, chemical factories and mines as well as jet fuel handlers are at increased risk for brain cancer.

In addition, a genetic predisposition, exposure to radiation and smoking increases the vulnerability of an individual to brain cancer.

Treatment of Brain tumor

The diagnosis of brain tumor can lead to three types of treatment which are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The best course of treatment is taken by the doctor in consultation with the patient.

Surgery involves the surgical removal of the tumor. Radiation therapy involves destroying the tumor cells with rays of radiation and Chemotherapy involves the intravenous or oral intake of tumor killing drugs.

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