Signs of Pregnancy after First Week

Are the signs of pregnancy after first week already evident? Read on to find out.

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Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting and miraculous things that could happen to a woman. Having a baby can be scary as it will definitely change the woman’s life forever. Pregnancy symptoms differ from one woman to another; some show signs of pregnancy after first week while others don’t.

First Week of Pregnancy

The first week of pregnancy is counted from the first day after your menstrual cycle. So probably after the first week, if you missed your period then you are definitely suspecting yourself of being pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy after First Week

At two weeks pregnant, it is still too early to get an over the counter pregnancy test kit to confirm any pregnancy suspicion. Results are still uncertain as you could still get a different result after a few weeks.

But if you are indeed pregnant, the common signs of pregnancy after first week and onwards include:

Nausea or Morning Sickness

This is the most common sign of pregnancy that occurs between 2 to 8 weeks after a successful conception. Some women get to experience severe cases of nausea that may last until the last term of pregnancy while others don’t feel anything at all. Oftentimes, this symptom can be caused by other factors such as hormonal changes, stomach disorder, stress, and food poisoning.


At this time, a woman’s progesterone level has rapidly risen above the normal level which causes the woman to feel more sleepy or tired. Morning sickness is often a result of fatigue.

Mood Swings

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Because of the abrupt hormonal changes, this results to an unstable emotional state. Most pregnant women become more sensitive or oftentimes experience unexplained anxiety or depression.

Food Cravings

Many women feel the urge to eat certain foods that they don’t usually like when they were still not pregnant; this is what we call food cravings. These cravings are usually caused by hormonal changes and may last until the end of pregnancy.


Due to hormonal changes and high blood circulation and production, headache is much possible to occur in most pregnant women. But headache cannot solely testify the existence of pregnancy for it can be caused by many different reasons like impending menstruation, dehydration, and many other ailments.


Lower backache is very common among pregnant women. This even worsens as the pregnancy progresses due to weight gain.


Due to the high progesterone level, food passes slowly through the intestine which causes constipation.

Cramping or mild bleeding

At first two weeks of pregnancy, most women may experience severe cramping similar to the pain experienced during menstrual cramps. Oftentimes, the cramps are accompanied by mild spotting or mild bleeding.

Darkening of areolas

The darkening around the nipple skin is very common on almost all pregnant women.

As aforementioned, nothing is certain until a pregnancy test is conducted. Signs of pregnancy after first week are so common that they can be due to other factors. But if all exist at one time then there’s a bigger chance that you are really pregnant.

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