Small Red Bumps on Skin

Small red bumps on skin are abnormal swellings that occur on the surface or below the skin layer. These bumps can either be very itchy or not, they may or may not be painful, and can be soft or firm depending on the cause.

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Causes of small red bumps on skin

Small red bumps on skin appear as a result of several conditions or diseases, such as:

• Acne or pimples – it not unusual for both males and females to experience having pimples especially during their age of puberty. Acne is a disease of the hair follicles usually found in the face, back and chest.

• Boils – are localized infection that start tender then eventually soften. The bumps are filled with infectious fluid.

• Hives – refer to a skin condition caused by allergic reactions which may be due to heat or stress. This is characterized by patches of red bumps which are often itchy and occur anywhere on the body.

• Erythema Nodosum – is a skin inflammation that is located at the fatty portions of our skin layers. These red painful bumps are usually located on the front legs and below the knees.

• Insect Sting Allergies – sting venom can cause an allergic reaction by the body resulting to swelling, mild pain, and red bumps. Stinging insects include honeybees, hornets, yellow jackets, fire ants and wasps.

• Keloids – is a tough heaped up scar that rise above the skin. Keloids are usually pinkish or reddish bumps and may be itchy and very painful.

• Keratosis Pilaris – is a common skin disorder that presents small red bumps on the skin primarily around legs, upper arms, buttocks and at times on the cheeks. This condition is completely harmless and very treatable.

• Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA – are bacteria that cause skin infections. The infection usually begins with small and reddish bumps that look like small boils or pimples. Anyone can get infected through direct contact with an infected person or touching or using a contaminated item of the infected individual.

• Skin Rashes – there are many types of skin rashes which include atopic dermatitis, also often called eczema. These rashes produce small, itchy, red bumps that may occur on any part of the body.

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• Folliculitis – is a skin inflammation caused by hair follicles that occurs due to irritation from shaving, rubbing or skin friction.

• Rosacea – is a common skin disorder that appears as flushed red bumps that look like acne but do not contain pus.

• Scabies – are infestation of tiny mites in the skin which cause allergic reactions and lead to intense itching. They occur as small rashes and bumps. It is very contagious and may not improve until complete treatment is done.

Small Red Bumps on skin treatment and complications

Often times these small red bumps on skin can be treated through over the counter medications (antihistamines) and lotions. However, it is still advisable to seek medical attention. There is a possibility of re-infection or severe side effects if these bumps don’t get treated promptly and properly. Any inflammation or skin disorder should be taken seriously to avoid any further complications.

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