Smelly Vagina? How to get rid of Vaginal Odor

Why does my vagina smell bad? Fishy vaginal odor, strong and offensive; can be embarrassing and can really lower self-esteem of woman when her partner desires to go down her in or during a medical examination.Before we know about treatments of vaginal odor it is essential to know about the possible causes that may lead to vaginal smell. Here are some factors that may lea to unpleasant vaginal smell.

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  1. Vaginitis or any vaginal infection is one of the factors that may lead to smelly vagina. The fishy odor of the vagina which is experienced in most cases is due to bacterial infection or ion some cases also due to thrush. Generally, in such cases discharge from vagina is also noticed. This condition may be accompanied by symptoms such as burning sensation, vaginal ache and itchy sensation. Such vaginal infection should be examined by your doctor to provided efficient aid in treating the issue.
  2. Inappropriate hygiene of the vagina may also lead to offensive fishy, vaginal smell. For example, not bathing on daily basis or leaving your vagina untouched while taking shower may cause issues related to vaginal odor. One should gently wash the outer part of the vagina (vulva). In case your pubic hair portions is dense and unkempt then shaving these hairs may help you ensure augmented hygiene.
  3. Though most people may thing that vaginal douching helps in prevent vaginal odor, it in fact contributes to the factors causing offensive vaginal smell. Douching is a process which has influence on normal bacteria present in body which enables bad bacteria to invade the vaginal region. This may lead to bacterial infection and further offensive smell from the vagina can be experienced.
  4. Hormonal alterations under conditions such as pregnancy, ovulation, and influence of oral contraceptives or under HRT or hormone replacement therapy may also cause too much discharge from the vagina. This discharge may also lead to offensively smelly vaginal.
  5. Another factor that may result in vaginal smell is skin fungal infection affecting the vaginal area. In such a case your vagina may impart musty smell.
  6. Hypersensitive to certain fabric especially lingerie, low quality tampons or sanitary pads may also cause allergic reactions which may cause vaginal discharge along with highly unpleasant vaginal odor.  Allergic reaction may also be cause of harsh body soap and body lotions as well as some other detersive that you may use on your body.
  7. Fishy vaginal odor may also be due to menses occurring during menstrual cycle, especially when inappropriate hygiene is practiced. It is essential to change your tampons or sanitary pads timely and bath more frequently than normal. In short augmented hygiene should be practiced during menstrual cycle to avoid vaginal smell.

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Vaginal Odor Treatment

  1. Vaginal odor treatment should be adopted based on the cause of the vaginal odor. For example if the vaginal smell is due to poor hygiene then ensuring appropriate hygiene such as taking bath regularly can help in controlling the strong vaginal odor. However, here are some treatment options for women to avoid fishy or bad vaginal smell
  2. Vaginal infection or vaginosis is one of the common causes of vaginal smell and discharges. This can be treated within a week with the help of Cleocin lotion with 2% strength.  This is a vaginal cream which is found efficacious in treating vaginal odor.  Your doctor may also suggest you to take antibiotic which may be effective as well.
  3. To restore the acidic balance in the vagina Lactobacillusacidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidus when combined with yogurt may prove to be helpful. This prepared solution can be either administered orally or one can also insert the solution into the vagina. At the same time it is essential to obtain assistance from a close friend or a person who has got some medical experience. Always consult a doctor before you take any action against the vaginal smell.
  4. Douching is not commonly recommended; however, in order to acidify vaginal pH boric acid douche is an effective option. This measure works by undermining activities of bacteria present in the build-up and simultaneously it eliminates the bacteria present in the region.
  5. In some cases taking a warm water bath may be highly soothing to strained genital tissues. Try not to use soap as utilizing soap may reduce moisture from the skin by destroying natural oil present in the skin.
  6. These are some of the beneficial suggestion that may help in reducing and gradually eradicating fishy or offensive vaginal odor.

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