Smokers Cough-Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

If you’re coughing even if you don’t have common colds but have a habit of smoking, then you most likely have smokers cough. Read on to learn more.

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Smokers cough refers to a disease that usually affects every smoker. Of all known coughs, this kind of cough is the most irritating, depressing and fatal. The severity of the cough highly depends on the smoking habits of the person; though this likely appears in those who have already smoked for quite some time. Unlike conventional coughs due to flu or the common cold which disappear on their own in 2 weeks, smoker’s cough lasts for more than a few weeks, expelling green phlegm. Smokers suffering from chronic cough should never delay doctor’s consultation.

Causes of smokers cough

The main culprit of smokers cough is, of course, smoking. It paralyzes the normal function of your cilia, the hairy tiny fibers on the cavity of your nose, and trachea whose main function is to trap the irritants from entering your respiratory tract. Smokers have damaged cilia and toxins gather inside their lungs. To ward them off from the lungs, the body creates extra mucus that blocks the airways forcing the smoker to cough it out to clear the throat of phlegm. Smoking along with exposure to cold environment or sudden change in climate triggers phlegm accumulation resulting to persistent smokers cough.

Smokers Cough Symptoms

Here are the symptoms you should look for if you suspect you are suffering from smokers cough.

• Morning cough – phlegm build up occurs when you are not smoking such as when you are asleep, and you wake up in the morning with lots of phlegm in your throat. Coughing them out is the only way to get rid of them.

• Productive cough – this cough is characterized by coughing out large amounts of white, clear, yellow or green mucus. Coughing out greenish-yellow mucus is an indication that lung infection has already occurred; while blood-tinged mucus indicates bacterial disease.

• Persistent cough – smokers could either have chesty or dry persistent cough which may stop for a while and resume after a few minutes. This is accompanied by shortness of breath which brings about chest pain as well as pain on the rib cage when coughing.

• Wheezing and crackles – bubbling and whistling sounds are heard among smokers with this kind of cough. Anxiety, confusion, paleness and fatigue are also apparent in severe cases.

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Smokers cough diagnosis

Smokers cough is basically diagnosed by X-ray examination on the chest along with sputum assessment to determine if it is indeed smokers cough or some other disease such as Pneumonia. See a doctor if your cough is over two weeks and is getting worse as there could be an underlying serious health condition such as respiratory tract cancer.

Smokers Cough Treatment

The first step in treating the condition is by kicking the habit. Yes, any treatment method is useless if smoking is continued. But breaking the habit is very difficult due to long-term addiction. Seek help from a reputable rehabilitation center to help you break the habit. These centers have qualified physicians to help you quit smoking. When you stop smoking, the cilia will restore to its normal functioning which likewise helps to achieve full recovery of your respiratory system. Depending on the severity of your cough, medical treatment may involve taking antihistamines or antibiotics. Antihistamines are used if you have dry cough while antibiotics are used for minor coughs.

Smokers Cough Remedy

Yes, there are natural home remedies for cough due to habitual smoking. Take note that these are immediate remedies for your cough and but you still need to visit your doctor for proper diagnosis. The best thing about these cough home remedies is that the materials are available right in your kitchen and they are all natural, so you don’t have to deal with unpleasant side effects.

Drinks lots of fluids

While smoking dries your throat and body, water helps keep you hydrated. So drinking lots of water aids in lubricating your throat that makes coughing not so painful. Aside from water, drinking fluids like lemon juice, which is rich in Vitamin C, helps get rid of cough. Drinking milk with boiled garlic and sugar proves helpful too. Taking honeyed tea relieves the soreness of your throat caused by coughing. Just add a little honey onto your hot tea and treat cough naturally. You may also try anise seed mixture by boiling one cup of water with one tablespoon of anise seeds covering it for 15 minutes then straining it to a glass and sweeten with honey. Drink the anise seed mixture while warm several times daily.

Natural paste mixture

Making natural paste by mixing two tablespoon of water with one quart of red pepper and ground ginger as well as 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey has been proven to ease cough symptoms.

Vapor inhalation

This is also effective in treating smoker cough symptoms by simply boiling one pot of water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and mint leaves.

Recovery from smokers cough is fast if you completely break the habit of smoking.

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