Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, SAD signs

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) patients have an unreasonable fear of being spied up, judged or evaluated. They suffer from lack of confidence and think that they are being humiliated or put in an embarrassing situation by someone. The anxiety and discomfort can be so much that it can interfere with the day to day functioning of the person. 13 percent population in the USA who suffer from these problems. What is the difference between normal shyness and signs of SAD? The symptoms of the disorder can help you get a better picture. Let us look at some of the symptoms of SAD
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Physical symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

1. Blushing
2. Trembling hands
3. Muscle tension
4. Profuse sweating
5. Racing Heart

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Emotional Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

• Fear and nervousness of scenarios where you do not know people
• Fear that you will be judged incorrectly or wrongly by people
• Anxiety about being embarrassed or humiliated
• Fear that others will notice you being nervous and anxious
• Dread and fear of forthcoming events weeks in advance

There are two types of treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder: Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Medication.

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