Sperm Count Test At Home and Cost

Sperm count test can be done at home, it is a concept that can give you privacy and is risk-free. But they are not as accurate and comprehensive enough, compared to the information that you get through lab tests. Also some sperm count tests at home test only sperm in the semen while others look at the fertility angle, to find out the chance of the sperm fertilizing the egg.

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Sperm Count Test Online

You can order sperm count test online, as you’d order at the drug store. But you’d get four things when you order in the online sperm count test kit: a specimen collection cup, a test cassette, two solutions and a sterile dropper. Find out how to do sperm count test at home
1. Take the semen in the specimen cup and keep it in this manner for about 15 minutes.
2. Swirl the cup and put a drop of semen into the test well with a sterile dropper
3. Now put two drops of solutions in the test well. Wait for a minute and then put two drops of clear solutions as well, into the test well.

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Sperm Count Test Results

1. Wait for five minutes and read the test results. If the color in the test well is darker than the color in the control well, this means your sperm count is high and the result is positive. If the color is lighter, you may have to check with your doctor for more detailed analysis. .

Sperm count test costs

The online sperm count test kit costs only $37 to $40 but as mentioned before, they are not as detailed as what you get in the lab test results. The cost of a sperm count test at home is $100 when you buy it from a drug store . But investing in this test is better specially if you do it early, otherwise the cost for infertility test can be quite high running from $8000 to $15000.

Sperm Count Test at Home Video

Check out this video where you come to know how effective it is to conduct the test at home.

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