Stomach Cramps during pregnancy

Stomach cramps during pregnancy are common and expected to happen. As your baby grows inside your womb, the uterus would stretch, hence, causing stomach cramps during pregnancy. It is not something to be alarmed about, instead, it is something to celebrate because stomach cramps during pregnancy, when not characterized by severe pain, is an indicator that your baby is growing normally inside your womb. However, not all stomach cramps are normal, there are rare instances that the cramps become severe and that is the time that you need to seek help from a medical professional. It is also essential that you observe where and when the cramping began so the doctor can determine if this is normal or something else that should be addressed promptly.

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Causes of Stomach Cramps during Pregnancy

There are lots of reasons for cramping in the stomach during pregnancy. The most common cause is due to the stretching of one’s uterus as the baby makes its home inside the mother’s womb. As the baby grows inside, it is perfectly normal to feel stomach cramps during pregnancy. Stomach cramping could also be due to gastric pains that result from inadequate nutrients you take in. Remember that you are pregnant and that when you eat, you are feeding two people, yourself and your baby. When your body does not receive enough nutrients, it can cause stomach cramps. More serious causes would include possible miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Both of these pose a great risk to your health. These conditions are characterized by severe stomach cramping accompanied by spotting or bleeding. It is therefore recommended to seek immediate help from your doctor.

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Treatment and Management of Stomach Cramps during Pregnancy

Keep in mind that stomach cramps during pregnancy are usual and that almost all pregnant women experience this kind of pain. There are things you can do to alleviate the pain. Consider the following tips.

• Daily exercises like stretching and walking can help prevent really painful stomach cramps. Since your stomach and your uterus will stretch bigger and bigger during the course of your pregnancy, extending your muscles and tissues ahead of time by doing stretching exercises and walking can help prevent future stomach cramps.

• When you feel your stomach muscles cramping, a hot compress on the site would do wonders. Just be careful not to place a compression pad that is too hot that it could cause burns on the skin.

• Avoid engaging in strenuous activities or housework or even carrying heavy objects.

• A warm bath is also helpful in relieving stomach cramps during pregnancy.

• If the cramping is due to constipation, make sure you drink plenty of fluids and take in enough fiber-rich foods.

• Avoid sudden movements that involve the belly or stomach such as abrupt twisting.

Stomach cramps during pregnancy is generally nothing to be concerned about. But always be alert because sometimes these cramps could be indicative of something more serious especially if the pain is severe and bleeding or spotting is present. If these things happen, immediately seek medical attention.

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