Stroke Warning Signs in Women and Men

Strokes are conditions wherein a person may feel extreme heat. This condition arises when blood flow to the brain is hindered; in other terms the arteries carrying blood to the brains gets blocked or obstructed. Arteries are in fact blood vessels that carry blood to different organs of the body from the heart. In case of stroke a portion of the brain is not able to attain sufficient blood supply. This portion may also get damaged and the control on the organs that are controlled by that portion of brain may be lost. For an instance if the portion of the brain that is afflicted has control over movement of limbs, then you may either find it difficult to move your hands or legs or may lose complete control. It is studied that immediate treatment, after experiencing symptoms of stroke, may help in preventing the condition from progressing and blood supply to brain can be restored.

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Stroke warning signs  and symptoms

Strokes can be determined by looking at the following symptoms which may serve as formidable signs indicating prevalence of strokes. On experiencing any of the following symptoms it is essential to seek immediate medical aid to avoid permanent damages to related body functionality. Here are some of the symptoms of stroke.

• Sudden weakness

• Numbness of body regions such as facial features, hands and legs or also one of the sides of body

• Trouble while speaking or hindrance in speech

• Difficulty in understanding what others say

• Sudden extreme headache without any determinable cause

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• Unexplained dizziness

• Disoriented feeling while walking

Another important  of stroke can be TIA which is abbreviation of Transient Ischemic Attack. This condition can be considered as a mini stroke and may impart some of the above listed symptoms. This mini- stroke is usually a temporary condition and lasts for few minutes, but it should not be take less seriously. It should also be treated immediately as people who are afflicted with transient ischemic attack are at higher risk of developing strokes.

How to prevent a stroke

If you suspect that you or any relative or friend is having stroke symptoms, then it is essential to consult doctor immediately. Here are some tips that may help you in avoiding strokes.

• In case you are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure then consult your doctor and seek help in bringing blood pressure to normal state.

• Avoid eating unhealthy food and eatables that are rich in fats and cholesterol. Reduce intake of sodium that is through Salt, this will help in reducing degree of cholesterol and blood pressure.

• Ensure that your blood sugar level is normal; if you are a diabetes patient then work towards controlling your blood sugar level and reducing it to normalcy.

• Restrict the use of alcohol or ceasing intake of alcohol is even better

• It is essential to give up smoking and do not even think of smoking if you are a non smoker

Consult your doctor for making lifestyle changes that may help in improving your health conditions. In case you suspect prevalence of stroke, it is essential that you go for regular check ups and keep track of your improving health. It is believed that aspirin helps in reducing chances of blood clot and keeps blood circulation appropriate. But it should be taken in lower dosage and may not be suitable for all; hence, ask you doctor whether you can take aspirin and only after his approval and instruction you should take such medications to avoid strokes.

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