Sweaty Palms Remedy-Treatment, Causes and Cure

How to get rid of or stop sweaty palms and feet?  Excessive hand sweating has been a very common problem and significantly affects daily functioning. Aside from physical inconvenience, sweaty hands become a social hindrance that puts you in embarrassing situations mainly because handshaking had been the universal gesture whenever you meet new people. Thus, you might wonder, why do I have sweaty palms? What are its causes? Are there cures for this? The following paragraphs tackle the things you should know about sweaty palms. Read on.

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Information on Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms refer to the excessive sweating of hands called palmar hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis occur when you sweat more than the body’s physiological needs. It can happen abruptly or incessantly on the major areas of the body such as armpits, feet, face and hands. The seriousness of sweaty disorder can range from slight moisture to sopping sweat. Studies show that between 1 to 2 percent of the world’s

population are affected by hyperhidrosis while in some geographic location, the percentage goes over 2 percent regardless of gender and race. It was believed that family history of hyperhidrosis plays a vital role of acquiring this condition. Home remedies for sweaty palms are available, while surgical treatments are available as well.

Causes of Sweaty Palms

Sweating is essential in maintaining the bodily temperature and helps in smooth functioning. But, heavy or excessive sweating is not normal.  The chief culprit of hyperhidrosis is unknown although scientists believed that it has something to do with the body’s hyperactive sympathetic nervous system. This system naturally produces sweat to cool down internal body temperature. So when it overworks or produces more sweat than what the body actually needs, it results to excessive sweating. Moreover, anxiety and stress are closely related to sweaty palms, an example of which is when you take an exam and go for a job interview. Your heart rate increases coupled with damp palms.  Furthermore, thyroid disorders, feverish illness and obesity can also cause sweaty palms and feet.


The symptoms are quite obvious. You will first notice some beads of sweat forming on your palms and as you wipe it, newer sweat will form once again and keeps on doing the same thing again and again. In the long run, the palms get a pinkish look or discolored due to the presence of sodium, dissolved substance and other minerals in sweat.

Sweaty Palms Treatment

The frustration you may feel due to sweaty palms moves you to look for effective treatment methods. Fortunately, treatments are available but you must figure out first the main cause of the condition.  However, many find that stress management therapy, like yoga and meditation, helps in managing and treating sweaty palms. Besides, there are lots of home remedies for sweaty palms that are proven to be effective.  You should try them first prior to considering other treatment methods such as medication and surgeries. After all, if these home remedies fail, then, you may opt for other methods.

Home remedies for sweaty palms

Ø  Epsom salt solution – Many consider this as the best treatment for sweaty hands. To make the Epsom salt solution, just mix two or three tablespoons of salt in a container filled with hot water. Soak your palms into the solution as long as you can tolerate the hotness. Do this every night for around 30 minutes.

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Ø  Tea solution – Tea solution provides temporary relief from excessively sweating hands. In fact, it prevents sweating of hands around 30 minutes to a few hours but depending on the seriousness of excessive hand sweating. Just submerge your hands into the solution for about 30 minutes daily before bedtime. Tannic acid, which is present in tea solution, is known to help in reducing mild cases of palmar hyperhidrosis by blocking the pores that produce sweat.

Ø  Alum powder – Alum is capable of blocking the pores thus preventing heavy sweating. It is readily available in your local grocery stands and simply requires you to brush a little coat of alum powder into your hands and you will never have any problems with sweaty palms throughout the day. For serious cases though, reapplication is necessary.

Ø  Boric acid – Another effective treatment for excessive sweating is boric acid not just for minor cases but for serious cases as well. You just have to sprinkle 1 or 2 ounces into your gloves, wear them and let it stay for 48 to 72 hours. After which, take them off and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water followed by soaking your hands either with tea solution or Epsom salt solution, then dry your hands with a towel.

Ø  Sage tea – Sage herbs is known to be effective in treating mouth sores, tonsillitis and even sweaty palms. You just mix one teaspoon of (dried) sage leaves in a glass of hot water. Cover and soak for 15 minutes and the solution is good for three days.

Ø  Antiperspirant – This is the basic treatment for heavily sweating underarms. It could also be used on your palms too. Make sure that the deodorant contains the active drying ingredient, aluminium chlorohydrate.

Ø  Food avoidance – Cut-down on your consumption of high-iodine content foods to treat sweaty palms. Also, try to limit your consumption of white onions, beef, turkey, liver, broccoli and asparagus.

Medications for sweaty palms

Ø  Drysol, which is an aluminum chloride solution, is usually prescribed by physicians in dealing with heavy hand sweating. Another is Robinul, which is an oral anti-cholinergic medicine that inhibits acetylcholine release with reported side effects such as dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention and blurred vision. Botox is also used in treating sweaty hands which also works in stopping acetylcholine release.

Surgery for sweaty palms

Ø  Sympathectomy is a surgical procedure that solves the root of excessive sweating which is the intensified activity in sympathic nervous system found within the chest area. The procedure must be conducted by specialists either at the hospitals or particular surgical treatment centers for hyperhidrosis treatment.


Go through the above mentioned sweaty palms treatment options.  Of course, it does not necessarily mean that what proves to be effective for others will also be effective for your case.

Remember that the effectiveness depends on the gravity of your sweating hands disorder. Therefore, if one remedy is not effective, try the other treatment methods until you come up with the one that effectively treat your excessive hand sweating.

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