Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Women

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer in women can easily be detected. A woman could even conduct a self test to feel if there are lumps formed in and around her breasts. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers suffered by women nowadays. It is essential to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer in women in order to address the problem as early as possible. Breast cancer at its early stages can easily be remedied, whereas if cancer is detected at a later phase, treatment procedures are more advanced and progressive. All women must be aware of the conditions of their breasts and observe if there are any signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

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Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Women

• A lump near the breast area or under the armpit can be felt using your hands. You can do a self test to feel this. First raise an arm above your head. Using your free hand, press your fingers around your breast and feel any masses or lumps. Do this in a circular motion.

• An evident change in the usual size of the breast. The woman’s breasts are not really equal in size, but if there is a noticeable change in size of the breast and if you feel that there are lumps forming around it, go to your doctor to have these confirmed.

• Observe one’s breast in front of a mirror and raise both arms above one’s head. Take note if there is any dimpling or puckering formed. If there is, feel if there are any lumps. If in doubt, seek medical attention right away to verify this.

• One of the symptoms of breast cancer in women is when the nipple is turned inward.

• Discharge from the nipples is also one of the common symptoms of breast cancer in women. Some discharges are white in color while others are bloody.

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• Observe the skin that surrounds the breast. Symptoms of breast cancer include scaly, red skin; some would also appear swollen.

Management and Treatment of Breast Cancer in Women

Upon detection of some of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer in women, immediately seek your doctor’s opinion and advice regarding this matter. Your doctor would physically check you up and conduct diagnostic tests such as mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy and MRI to determine if it is indeed breast cancer. After confirming the disease, your doctor would then discuss different options available and suggest the best treatment procedure to fight the cancer. There are plenty of approaches to battle cancer. If it is detected at an early phase, surgery or removal of the affected breast could be done. If the cancer cells have already metastasized throughout the body, radiotherapy can also be considered; and of course, chemotherapy is the usual approach used to manage or treat breast cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer in women may be subtle during its earlier stages and lumps may be difficult to spot since the breast is a mass itself. If in doubt, the most important thing to do is to seek help from your doctor.

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