Symptoms of Liver Disease in Women

Liver diseases can be fatal so it is very important to know the different symptoms of liver disease in women in order to detect it at the earliest stage possible. Early discovery of the liver disease would allow for a higher chance for fast treatment. There are lots of types of liver diseases known to man, some are mild and treatable while others are life threatening. You can also read about the location of liver in the human body.

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Types of Liver Diseases

The most common liver disease suffered by many is hepatitis. There are three subcategories of this disease, namely, Hepatitis A, B and C. Hepatitis A is the safest of the three. It is acquired from food or drink contaminated with feces. It is very curable and after the individual has suffered from it, he cannot acquire it again. Hepatitis B and C are the more serious types of liver disease in women. These can be contacted from dirty needles and unprotected sexual intercourse with a partner who has the disease. Both of these types of hepatitis can cause permanent scarring of the liver or liver cirrhosis which could be fatal.

Another type of liver disease is drug induced or supplement induced liver disease. Most women suffer this kind of liver disease due to constant usage of dietary supplements. Keep in mind that the liver is where majority of the drugs are metabolized. Constant use of dietary pills can greatly injure one’s liver.

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Signs and Symptoms of Liver Disease in Women

Signs and symptoms of liver disease in women are not apparent during the onset of the disease. They are usually felt several days after contacting the illness. The first symptoms can be confused with other diseases.

• Weakness of the muscles

• Feeling of being tired all the time

• Dizziness or nausea

These symptoms can often be confused with other viral infections or diseases. Symptoms of liver disease in women in the advanced stage are as follows:

• Yellowing of the skin or medically termed as jaundice. This signifies that the liver is slowly degrading.

• Nausea due to bacteria or virus that have circulated in the body. Vomiting usually results as well as eventual loss of appetite.

• Pain on the upper right side of the abdomen.

• Darker colored urine that has gone on for several days.

• Lighter colored stool

• High fever and chills

Treatment for Liver Disease in Women

For mild liver diseases in women, the doctor would usually advice lots of rest and increased intake of water until the signs and symptoms of the disease are resolved. However for severe cases, the doctor may prescribe medicines. But if the patient does not respond positively to the treatment and the condition becomes worse, the liver may need to be replaced through liver transplant. This is a very tough and complex procedure because the donor has to undergo a series of tests to ensure that he/she is compatible with the recipient.

Preventing the disease from occurring is much easier and is always better than treating it. So make sure that the food you are eating is clean, including the utensils such as spoon and fork. Avoid having unprotected intercourse with a person who has the disease. And lastly, if you participate in any activity involving needles, such as ear piercing, injection and getting a tattoo, be careful and make sure that the paraphernalia used are sterile.

Symptoms of liver disease in women do not appear right away. But as soon as you notice them, even if you are not certain that they are related to a liver condition, consult a doctor right away.

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