Teen Drug Abuse

Teen treatment centers have showed beyond a shadow of doubt that there is a major drug problem among adolescents. Marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide are some of the common illicit drugs taken by teens.

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Marijuana is known by names like ‘Ganja’, ‘Pot’, ‘Weed’ and ‘Grass’ It looks like a dried parsley with seeds or stem; it can be rolled into a cigar and smoked, or eaten. Marijuana can cause problems like distorted perception, loss of coordination, altered sense of place and time etc. Cocaine is known by names like ‘Coke’ ‘Flake’ and ‘Snowbirds’. It is the form of white crystalline powder and is injected or inhaled. Cocaine can cause problems like increased body temperature, dilated pupils, restlessness, paranoid behavior, seizures etc.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) is also known as ‘Sugar Cubes,’ White Lightening’ and ‘Blue Heaven’. It comes in the form of colorful tablets and thin gelatin squares. It can be taken in the form of liquid that has to be put in the eyes or can be consumed orally or licked off a piece of paper. It causes the same cause of effects like cocaine and is highly addictive. Ecstasy also known as Love Drug, Adam, Lover’s Speed or XTC, come in the form of color tablets packed in beautiful cartoon or colorful sachets or bags to attract the fairer sex. It can make the person feel inhibition-free, increased tactile feeling and make the person feel hallucinogenic. Over a long-term basis, repeated use can lead to renal filature, heart failure and even death, according to many teen treatment centers.

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Apart from the above four types of illicit drugs, prescription drugs in the form of CNS depressants that reduce panic attacks, opiods or painkillers and nervous stimulants that treated Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and sleeping disorders can also cause problems, some of the which can be even fatal. Continuous use of these kinds of drugs can make a person feel addicted, and the person may just become increasingly reliant on these types of drugs.

Teen rehab centers are doing their best to spread awareness about the negative effect of these drugs. They are specialists in treating teen drug addiction problem. They have the best processes in place that will detoxify the poisons in the body of the patient. They also have very good counseling arrangements that will make the individual realize his or her folly of getting into addiction. The therapy is in the form of individual as well as group counseling.

If you know of any teen who is suffering from a drug or a substance abuse problem, it is better to not reprimand him and warn him. Instead you should advise him about the repercussions of his action and make him see sense. In case, your efforts to do so go in vain, it is better to take your teen to a teen treatment center who will definitely help your child get better and be liberated from the lure of drug addicting forever. The relapse chances are also very low if you treat a teen in a good teen rehab.

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