Third Degree Burn-Treatment, Prevention

Third degree burn is the third kind of thermal burn which is severe than first degree and second degree burn. It is considered amongst most severe types of burn which has its influence on all the skin layers. This kind of burn is extremely severe and only healing of edges is possible; in case skin grafting is not adopted then scars will be eventually seen on the burn area.

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Third Degree burn has their influence on the dermis or corium (the deep inner layer of skin), epidermis (outer layer of skin covering body surface) and other layers of chitinous cuticle secreting cells. It causes charring of affected region, semitransparent white color skin, or visibility of coagulated vessels just below the surface of the skin. There are possibilities that these burnt regions may have no sensation or may be numb but the afflicted individual may experience pain. Healing process of third degree burn is usually slow because of destroyed skin tissues as well as other structures. Intense scare can be seen on the burnt region even after healing.

Possible causes of third degree burn:

• A person worn clothe on fire

• Immersion in extremely hot water

• Direct contact with high voltage electricity, extremely hot object as well as fire flames

• Harmful corrosive chemicals

Symptoms of third degree burn

• Redness of skin experienced

• Swelling of skin

• Experiencing inflammation or pain on skin

• Peeling of skin

• Bluishness of nails as well as lips

• Clammy skin

• Charred region on body

• Translucent white skin

First Aid for Third degree Burn:

Incase of third degree burn due to worn clothes; ensure that you do not remove the cloth directly unless it comes off easily. Also make sure that the person is away from direct contact of any burning material. Ensure that the person is breathing or not. If the person’s airway is blocked or the respiration has stopped then try to unblock the airway and if you feel it is mandatory start giving CPR. If you notice the person is breathing, cover the burnt area with a clean cloth or a cool damp hygienic bandage. Avert the use of towel or blanket; a clean sheet is best suitable for large extreme burns. Avoid applying any ointments and prevent breakage of blisters.

If it is completely burnt, then doctors may separate those using dry sterile, non-adhesive dressings. Try to place the affected region at a height where it safe from pressure and friction. Adopt measures to avert any shock to the victim lay the affected individual flat with his/ her feet elevated to about 12 inches. Ensure that the victim of third degree burn in positioned in a comfortable posture. It is essential to track the vital body characteristics such as respiration, blood pressure as well as pulse rate.

There are certain factors to avoid in case of third degree burn:

Do not apply any household remedies such as balm, butter, medicines, ice, too padded cotton dressing, adhesive based bandages, cream or spray etc. This may serve as hindrance and proper healing procedure. Prevent the third degree burnt region from getting contaminated of germs. Avoid contaminated air such as berating or coughing on the burnt region. If in case it is suspected that it is also an airway burn then ensure that do not place a pillow under the affected individual’s head, this would probably close the affected airway.

Treatment of third degree burn:

Common thermal Burn:

It is essential to treat all third degree burns timely with effective treatment. If you find that a patient has underwent third degree burn it is essential to call emergency services immediately. On realizing that the person’s cloth has began to burn, do not allow him to run as this may fan the fire and the flames may increase and rise to person’s face. Try to put of the flames with the help of Jacket, blanket or any rug. ISf it becomes necessary try to role the person on the ground if it seems possible. As mentioned above do not try to remove the clothes on burned region as it may peel of the skin as well. Before the burnt region starts to swell try and remove all possible jewelers, all clothing etc.

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Chemical Burn:

In case the third degree burn is due to corrosive chemicals, try to flush away the chemical and remove all jewelry and tight clothe off the affected region before the region starts to protrude. If the chemical burn is around face then ensure that you do not let the chemical reach to your eye while flushing it with clean water. In case of the chemical is dry you may even brush it gently incase water is not accessible. There are chances that the chemical may be reactive to water and may get activated; hence you need to be careful.

Electric Burn:

Incase of electric third degree burn the affected person should be immediately examined by health care provider. This is because electric burn may appear to have caused insignificant damages to the body but in fact major serious damages may be detected only through appropriate diagnosis by the doctor. Such burns may extend to even deep within the skin crossing many skin layers. Avert the use of ointments or any home remedies on the burnt region.

Third degree burn- time taken for healing:

Since, third degree burns are amongst serious health threats it may requires the patient to be hospitalized. The affected individual may have to stay hospitalized under supportive care for about several days or number of weeks as well. The scars and other damages to the body may also require surgical treatments ort plastic surgery, according to the severity of the burn. Too severe burns are more often addressed at burn center.

Prevention of third degree burns:

Third degree burn can be prevented only through appropriate precautions. Third degree burns are usually caused due to accidents. Hence it is essential to take safety precautions while performing risky works. For example, while working on electric based projects, you should wear appropriate gloves, avoid touching uncovered charged wire etc. Same way while working with inflammable substances, you should ensure that there is no risky objects around which may stimulate spark or flame. This may lead to accidents and may cause third degree burn.

Third degree burn photos or pictures

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