Tips while using treadmill, Treadmill Tips

Here are tips to use the treadmill better. Check out these treadmill tips:
1. A good way to make your treadmill workout more challenging is to increase the level of recline. But do not do it drastically as this can bring about shin splints
2. Unless, there is a good reason for doing so, such as issues with balance, try not to hold on to rails while using the treadmill. For weight loss goals, an hour or more of physical activity most days of the week is recommended, as are 10000 steps daily. This includes all activity whether formal exercise or not
3. Four 15 minute walks is equal to 8000 steps. Combining this with other steps taken throughout the day typically contributes to 2000 steps
If you are not able to walk for protracted periods of time, begin building strength and burn as many calories by breaking your walk into several 10 or 15 minute segments instead of longer sessions

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