Toning Flabby Arms-Get Michelle Obama Arms

How does Michelle Obama get those arms? Check out how to get toned arms for women. Things has not been easy for the First Lady heself but she did it, inspite of her busy schedule. Read here for Michelle Obama’s diet and fitness secrets. Now let us look at how to get toned arms like Michelle Obama by exercising for just 5 minutes a day!

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Toned, sculpted arms can look quite sexy on a woman and flabby ones can be quite a turn-off. So to get those shapely, sculpted Michelle Obama arms, first get hold of a band and a dumbbell. This will quicken your search for a toned upper body. Stand on exercise band and hold each end in each of your hands while simultaneously doing curls with a dumbbell.

Go for weights that can push your body to challenge them. If you are not challenging your muscles, then the workout is as good as nothing. A study indicates that women tend to go for the lighter weights and high reps as an excuse to get it done easy and feel that they have worked out, but then it translates into a lower metabolism and the results are not worthwhile.

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Get hold of a 12 pound dumbbell and do ‘rows’. Stand feet hip width apart, move forward at the hips, keeping the arms hanging straight down with the palms looking inward. Bend your elbows, pulling weight to the chest level. Do as much as you can in 30 seconds and then switch sides.

Push up exercises for Toned Arms: Push-ups are hands-down exercises (pun unintended) that women (and men) can do and you can get good results just for doing them 5 minutes each day. If you are a beginner, do it this way: keep a pillow under the knees and hands up on a seat of a step or some seat. In the beginning, you may find it a bit strenuous but with practice, you can get better to get yourself toned arms like Michelle Obama.

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