Tooth Abscess-Symptoms, Treatment, Types, Pictures

Tooth abscess symptoms should help you effectively recognize that you are suffering from tooth abscess.

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Tooth abscess is a localized infection of the mouth starting as an infection of the tooth. The infection may be due to poor dental hygiene which causes the bacteria to spread all over the mouth. An abscess contains a group of pus which is made up of dead cells and bacteria. Tooth abscess symptoms would come out as soon as the infection appears.

What are the two types of tooth abscess?

There are two types of tooth abscess, specifically, the Periodontal Abscess and the Periapical Abscess.

Periodontal Abscess, or gum boil, develops initially in the supporting structures of the teeth. This comes from the infection of the gums (periodontal disease) or injury of the gums wherein the gums become slightly separate from the tooth. As a result of the separation, the hole formed will be filled with bacteria leading to tooth abscess symptoms.

Periapical Abscess is the most common type of tooth abscess. Periapical abscess develops initially at the centre of the tooth, the primary cause of which is dental caries. Dental caries destroys the enamel and dentine which are the tooth’s protective layers. Once the tooth is damaged, the bacteria will try to attack the area, causing infection which will eventually result to tooth abscess symptoms.

What are the causes of tooth abscess?

There can be many possible causes of tooth abscess, including:

  • Infected tooth – An infected tooth without proper management, such as not brushing the teeth, will remain an active infection which may lead to tooth abscess manifesting tooth abscess symptoms.
  • Dental caries – Dental caries can likewise cause tooth abscess when dental hygiene is neglected. The bacteria causing the caries destroy the protective layers of the tooth. If no further action is done, it will eventually become tooth abscess and tooth abscess symptoms will appear.
  • Injury to the tooth – The injured area of the tooth may allow the bacteria to accumulate and spread to the other parts of the tooth.
  • Periodontal disease – This is an infection of the gums that allows the gums to detach from the teeth leaving a space for the bacteria to thrive. When the bacteria have flourished in the space, it would invade other areas of the mouth causing tooth abscess symptoms.

What are the signs and symptoms of tooth abscess?

The initial tooth abscess symptom that the patient would experience is severe toothache. The sensation is usually described as a sharp, shooting pain. Toothache happens immediately once there is tooth abscess. The other tooth abscess symptoms include the feeling of discomfort and being unwell especially when the pain strikes again. The person will also have difficulty eating because of the pain felt when chewing. He will likewise suffer from bad odor from the mouth due to the bacteria accumulation. Signs of inflammation in response to the infection will also be experienced, such as fever, reddened and swollen areas around the mouth, face and neck. A bitter taste in the mouth and tooth sensitivity to temperatures could be present, thus, resulting to less interest in food. For severe cases, spasm on the jaw area can be experienced.

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What are the possible complications of tooth abscess?

When tooth abscess symptoms strike, they should never be ignored. Prompt action should be taken as they may lead to complications such as:

  • Sepsis – If tooth abscess symptoms continue to occur, the bacteria may invade other areas of the mouth as well as other parts of the body causing sepsis. Sepsis is a life threatening condition in which the bacteria have gotten into the bloodstream harming all other areas of the body.
  • Osteomyelitis– This is an infection of the bone. The jaw may be reached by the bacteria, and once the bacteria get into the jaw, osteomyelitis may happen.
  • Sinusitis – Since the sinuses are around the face, they can be infected with the same bacteria that caused the tooth abscess symptoms. Here are home remedies for sinusitis
  • Loss of the tooth – Because of tooth abscess, the tooth may fall off. If the tooth will fall it will never be replaced again.

What is the treatment for tooth abscess?

The treatment for tooth abscess symptoms is antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics fight the bacteria that cause tooth abscess. Meanwhile, pain relievers can help alleviate the toothache felt by the patient. Root canal can be done to save the tooth from falling off. Abscess drainage may be needed to remove the tooth abscess.

The most important thing to do to prevent tooth abscess symptoms to occur and recur is to practice proper dental hygiene.

Tooth abscess symptoms are warning signs to consult the dentist. Don’t wait for complications to happen. Tooth abscess may be just a simple condition, but if the bacteria remain in the body they could cause grave difficulties.

Tooth Abscess Pictures

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