Topical Vitamin Creams for the Skin

Only a little part of vitamins that we eat through food reaches the skin. Also, it is not possible to make the nutrients from the food treat the blemishes on your skin. The solution lies in applying vitamins topically on the skin, as a best measure for anti-ageing.

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Vitamin A topical creams for anti-ageing

 Look for retinoids, Vitamin A derivatives that work best as anti-ageing products and prescribed medications. If you apply OTC creams and night creams with retionids, you can derive significant benefits and see a marked improvement and glow in your skin within a month. Retinol is the best product for anti-ageing, known to reverse photo-ageing effects. If you are looking for younger looking skin, by all means, go for topical applicaps and creams that contain retinol.

The best time to apply retinoid is at night. If your doctor prescribes you prescription based retinoid cream, you can be sure that it will work the fastest. OTC products with retinoid may work but not as effectively as prescription based retinoid. The usual way to apply these creams is sparingly, take a pea sized quantity and apply it on the full face.

Vitamin B3 topical creams for soft skin

This is known to increase hydration of the face, and is found in creams, lotions and serums. Look out for niaicinamide on the product label. It is known to increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides, two main elements of the skin’s outer barrier. As the barrier becomes strong, the skin is able to retain moisture and resist the irritants; which simply mean that Vitamin B3 is very good for your skin, be it dry or oily. Apply moisturizer and Vitamin B3 can clear roascea, a skin condition that tends to become worse with age. Vitamin B3 topical applications can also reduce dark spots and pigmentation.
Apply Vitamin B3 in the morning and evening. Though retinoid may cause irritation in some cases, you can use it in conjunction with nianicimide. Mixing them together with the palms and applying on the skin can be beneficial.

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Vitamin C topical creams for anti-wrinkles

: To ensure that your skincare product has Vitamin C in the right proportion, look for Vitamin C in the middle of the ingredients so that it is sure that the skincare product has 5 percent or more concentration. Vitamin C is known to get rid of free radicals that cause wrinkling, sagging and drying up of the skin. Vitamin C also ensures that the skin is kept supple and smooth and the pigmentation is faded out. You may wonder that the benefits of Vitamin A(retinoids) and Vitamin C are similar, you will do well using both. Since skin ageing can manifest in various ways, it is helpful to use different forms of repair mechanisms to make sure that the youthfulness is maintained. Apply Vitamin C in the morning under the sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Vitamin E topical creams for sun protection

: You can find Vitamin E in sunscreen creams and lotions. The best anti-aging product should have at least 1 percent Vitamin E. This vitamin can reduce the dryness of the skin and help the skin retain moisture. Vitamin E can also neutralize free radicals. You have to apply Vitamin E before and after the exposure to sun. It is proved that a one-time harsh exposure to sun rays can deplete half of the skin’s natural supply of Vitamin E. So it is better to protect your skin with sunscreen creams, which are supplemented with Vitamin E and C, the C can ensure effective, additional protection.

Vitamin K topical creams for under-eyes

: Vitamin K is a common ingredient in under-eye creams. Prescription creams that contain Vitamin K analogues like Kinerase, can dissolve hemosiderin, a pigment that leads to dark circles under eyes. Hemosiderin is caused because weak capillaries leak blood into the skin and cause pigmentation. Vitamin K controls the leakage by its quality to clot the blood. So, if you use Vitamin K cream topically, it can lighten under-eye circles and give fantastic results. Alternatively, even retinol creams can work in treating dark circles because it can thicken the thin under-eye skin. You should apply Vitamin K topically at night.

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