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The ongoing South US tornadoes are the deadliest tornado outbreak in the USA, causing maximum destruction in Alabama and parts of Southern and Eastern United States.  Started from  April 25’ 2011, this   is known to be the most destructive tornado in the United States since 1974 (which killed 300 people). As of today, 280 people have died in Southern United States of which 184 are in Alabama alone.  So far, the deadliest tornado in the world has been on March 18, 1925 which killed 695 people.  Let us look at how we can stay safe from tornadoes.

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Tornado Facts

A tornado also called ‘twister’ is  a dangerous, rotating column of air that comes in contact with the ground surface, originating from a thunderstorm. The deadliest tornadoes are capable of unleashing wind speeds that can be as quick as 250 miles per hour or even more.  Though tornadoes can happen in many parts of the world, they are mostly seen in the United States, particularly the areas to the east of Rocky Mountains during spring and summer. In the US, there are 800 tornado cases reported with an average of 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries.

Tornado Safety Tips

1.       The basement is the best deal as a tornado safety tip, followed by the interior room.  You can also choose ground floor but do not choose upstairs because the higher you go, the higher is the speed of the tornado wind.  Stay at the inner most walls. Do not take shelter in rooms on the south and west because tornadoes tend to move from southwest to southeast.  Also small rooms are less prone to damage and collapsing, so look for a little closet.  If there are no mirrors nearby, you can look for shelter within the bathtub or a closet

2.         Try to put as many floors or walls between the tornado and you. Once you get to a safe place, look for shelter below a studry table or stairwell. You can crouch and put your heads between your knees and cover your head with your arms.  Do not ever find yourself in a car. If you are, then leave the car and move to a ditch, where you can lie in. Most deaths from tornadoes are due to being in cars or other vehicles.  Also do not think that you can run faster than a tornado.

3.       . Stay tuned to the radio and listen to tornado watches and warnings. There is difference, if there is a warning; it means that a tornado has been detected.  So you have to move to a chosen room quickly.

4.       Make sure that wherever you are going to stay put with your family members, you have an emergency kit ready. This should include a battery-operated radio, extra batteries, flashlights  and enough food and water that can last for days.  Also take cash and credits with you.

5.       Do not use gas and electricity till you are sure that it is safe to do so.  Keep a watch on things that are prone to further damage like ceilings that may collapse, a slackened plaster etc.

Tornado warning signs

Look out for heavy rains, strong winds, huge hails, lightning that strikes at amazing regularity and  rotational motion of the thunderstorm cloud and the loud roar that looks like the sound of an oncoming train or jet.

Tornado Watch

Compared to the ‘warning’ , a  tornado watch is issued when conditions are favorable for producing a tornado. When a tornado watch is issued, you should keep an eye on the  weather and let your family go through  the tornado safety tip and plans  with your family, so that you can manage better than during an eventuality

After the tornado passes away

Help the trapped and injured people; administer first aid if possible. Call for help; keep tuning in to the  radio and TV for the latest weather updates.  Stay out of damaged houses and structures.  Return to your home only if the authorities say it is fine to do so. Clean up flammable liquids, gasoline, bleaches etc quickly. Take pictures of the damage or the video, of the house and its contents so that you can show to the insurance company. It helps to take tornado insurance if you stay in areas that are prone to these natural disasters.  Do not move the ones who are seriously injured because you may cause more pain.  Also help the infants, the disabled and the elderly first.

Tornado Pictures (Alabama)

Check out the South US Tornado pictures; see the cloud formation and what an impact it can have to the region when it strikes.

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Tornado Videos from South USA (Alabama)

Check out the live video footage of tornado in South US

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  1. It’s such a travesty with all these recent tornadoes which have been floating around our nation. I pray to God to present solace to all the victims and help them by means of this trying time.

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