Transient ischemic attack Symptoms, Mini Stroke

Transient ischemic attack symptoms may begin suddenly but may last only for short time; hence, it is essential to determine the symptoms and undergo treatment as soon as possible. But before we speak about the symptoms of transient ischemic attack, it is crucial to have basic understanding of the disease.

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Transient ischemia attack is usually abbreviated as TIA; it is also sometimes referred to as mini stroke. This disease is characterized by alteration in blood supply to a certain region of the brain. This may result in short neurologic malfunction, which may last for less than twenty four hours. In case the symptom persists for more than a day (24 hours) then it is classified as a stroke. To your information it occurs in episodic pattern. The episodes are experienced in less than 1 or 2 hours. Transient ischemia attack symptoms may be a formidable alarming sign of possible issue of strokes. Hence, immediate treatment should be ensured.

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Causes of Transient ischemia attack:

There are several causes of transient ischemia attack. The most common cause of TIA is inappropriate or altered blood circulation to a certain region of the brain. This hindered malfunction may cause transient ischemia attack symptoms and may cause short malfunction of brain which is also known as neurological deficit. This temporary hindrance in the blood circulation may be due to some of the below mentioned factors:
• Clotting of blood in any artery of brain
• Blood clot that traverses into t

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