Types of Urinary Incontinence in women

Women have a higher percentage of urinary incontinence problem compared to men. Let us look at the various types of urinary incontinence in women and diagnosis

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1. Stress Incontinence: This involves leakage of urine during physical movements that can range from something as simple as coughing and laughing to exercising. Stress incontinence can worsen a week before menstrual period, possibly due to low estrogen levels that can manifest in the form of reduced muscular pressure in the urethral region, leading to leakage in the urine. This condition also increases after menopause.
2. Urge Incontinence: This is leaking of copious amount of urine during sleep
3. Overflow Incontinence: This is due to leaking of small amount of urine due to a full bladder.
4. Functional Incontinence: This can be due to a disability or shyness on the part of women to communicate that they have to go to the toilet. One of the common reasons for urinary incontinence in women is the constraint in women to voice the fact that they need to go to the loo, especially in public places or during a busy day at the office. Not being able to go to the toilet in time is also a reason
5. Mixed Incontinence: This is the combination of urge and stress incontinence
6. Transient Incontinence: This is a temporary issue that is a side-effect or symptom of an infection or medication.
Let us look at Urinary Incontinence medications

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