Urine Infection Symptoms in Women

Urine infection symptoms in women vary depending on the degree of the infection in the urinary system. Whether mild or chronic, the symptoms of urine infection in women are easily detected and felt unlike some other diseases which give vague symptoms. Urine infection is very common in women than in men. It usually happens because of poor hygiene and because the anatomy of the female genitalia makes it more prone to infection than that of the male. Because urine infection is very common, the good news is that quick treatment is very much possible especially if the infection is still mild. Chronic urine infection also has effective treatments. Whatever the case is, the most important to do once the symptoms are felt is to consult a doctor.

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Different Urine Infection Symptoms in Women

The urine infection symptoms in women depend on the severity of the infection the woman has. Below are the symptoms for each degree of urine infection:

• Mild to Moderate Urine Infection

o Tingling sensation and pain while urinating

o The recurring urge to go to the bathroom even if the individual has just urinated

o The urine released is only of little amount even though the individual feels there should be more to be excreted.

o Urine appears to be cloudy white

o Pain can be felt on the abdomen as well as the back and the sides of the waist

• Severe or Chronic Urine Infection

o The person with severe or chronic urine infection will experience all the symptoms of mild to moderate urine infection

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o Presence of blood in the urine

o Chronic back pain and a stinging sensation near the kidneys that becomes more pronounced if the back portion is tapped

o Occurrence of a high fever

o Episodes of chills, nausea, and vomiting

Healing would be fast if treatment is applied on the earlier stage of urine infection. If mild to moderate urine infection symptoms in women are experienced, it is vital to seek medical attention right away in order to prevent it from getting worse.

Treatment for Urine Infection in Women

There are plenty of available medicines that would help treat urine infection in women. For mild to moderate urine infection, oral antibiotics such as Cotrimoxazole and Cefuroxime should be administered, usually 3 times a day for 7 days (depending on the how the doctor would assess the severity). Self help is also encouraged. This includes drinking plenty of water and practicing good hygiene. For severe cases of urine infection, the woman would need to be confined to the hospital for better monitoring of her progress. Intravenous antibiotics should be administered for quicker absorption of the drugs in the system.

The different urine infection symptoms in women could certainly impede in their daily activities. So it is important to prevent this kind of infection from happening. A woman should practice good personal hygiene and drink plenty of water daily. Should the woman suffer urine infection symptoms, she should immediately seek medical attention.

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