UTI Symptoms in Women

The different UTI symptoms in women are very distinct. Once the woman develops urinary tract infection, she will immediately be able to determine this because of the signs and symptoms. Women develop Urinary tract infection more commonly than men for the reason that women are more susceptible due to their shorter urinary tract wherein the bacteria can easily invade and quickly spread. However, the good news is that this disease is easily treatable and there are now plenty of antibiotics to treat this kind of infection. Once the different UTI symptoms in women are experienced, it is very important to remedy this right away to prevent further infection to the kidneys.

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Different UTI Symptoms in Women

The different UTI symptoms in women depend on the site of the infection or the severity of the illness. Below are the different symptoms according to its location and severity:

Bladder Infection

o If the infection or the bacteria have invaded the bladder, the infection is still mild or moderate depending on the amount of bacteria. This kind of urinary tract infection can be easily treated. Here are the common symptoms the woman would feel:

 Constant and strong urge to urinate

 Pain on the lower part of the abdomen

 A burning painful sensation when urinating

 Not able to empty bladder completely upon urinating

 Cloudy urine

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Kidney Infection

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o This is a severe or serious type of urinary tract infection. The bacteria have now made its way up to the kidneys. This type of infection is still very treatable but not with oral antibiotics only. Here are the different symptoms:

 All of the symptoms mentioned above would still be felt

 High fever and sudden chills

 Excruciating back pain

 Presence of blood in the urine

 Nausea and Vomiting

Treatment for UTI

The treatment for UTI depends on the severity and the location of the infection. Diagnostic procedures like urinalysis and physical assessment should be done first. If the woman is only having an infection in her bladder, oral antibiotics are usually prescribed by the doctor, usually to be taken three times a day for seven days or more. The most commonly used oral antibiotics would include cefuroxime, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim and amoxicillin-clavulanate. For the more serious forms of urinary tract infection, those that have reached the kidneys, the woman would then be advised to be confined in the hospital for intravenous administration of the antibiotics for quicker treatment of the disease and for better monitoring of the different stats of the patient. On the course of the treatment, drinking plenty of water would also greatly help hasten the healing process as this would aid in flushing out the bacteria that have invaded the urinary tract.

The UTI symptoms in women are easily detected even on the earliest phases of infection. If these symptoms are detected, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to prevent the infection from getting worse. Also, prevention is better than cure, good hygiene and constant intake of water would help prevent urinary tract infection from happening.

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