Vampire Disease- Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Vampire disease is another term of porphyria. This refers to a certain group of diseases known as porphyrias which affect either the skin or the nervous system or oftentimes both. Each type of porphyria is due to deficiency of enzymes needed to create heme. Heme is a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells and in myoglobin, a protein component of some muscles. Creating heme includes a variety of different enzymes.

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Causes of Vampire Disease

The process of making heme is referred to as heme biosynthetic pathway. Each step of it is controlled by one of the enzymes. If there is any deficiency in any one of the enzymes, the process of creating heme is disturbed hence resulting to the buildup of porphyrins in the body tissues, hence, the name porphyria. Most of the time this is an inherited disorder but there is one kind of porphyria that is acquired. This is caused by certain factors besides the abnormality of the genes. The triggers of porphyria are:

• Exposure to the sun

• Menstrual hormones

• Physical and emotional stress

• Too much iron in the body

• Infections

• Too much alcohol within the body; Heavy drinking

• Smoking

• Fasting

• Chemicals

• Drugs like tranquilizers, barbiturates, sedatives and birth control pills

Vampire Diseases Symptoms

The vampire disease is often manifested by skin sensitivity to light which results to rashes, blisters and scarring, also known as photodermatitis. Abdominal cramps and pain are seen in some forms of the disorder only. Others with porphyria also suffer mental disturbances, seizures and other problems related to the muscles and the nervous system.

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The symptoms of the acute forms include pain on the back, limbs, chest or abdomen; cramping, paralysis, tingling or numbness; constipation, vomiting and mental disorders or personality changes. The episodes of acute porphyria may develop for several hours or for days and usually lasts for days and even weeks.

Porphyrias may also attack suddenly and is generally accompanied by intense abdominal pain, vomiting and then constipation. The disease could disfigure the patient because of scarring and changes in the color of the skin. Furthermore, after an episode, the urine may appear red or brown.

Sometimes, porphyria attacks are dangerous as they may lead to imbalances in the electrolytes in the body, shock and low blood pressure.


The diagnostic procedure doctors use to determine the presence of the vampire disease is by using different tests with stool, urine and blood. These tests may show problems with the kidney, as well as other concerns. Some tests may also be performed to determine the amount of porphyrins in the blood.

Physical examinations will also be done by your doctor to check if you have tachycardia or fast heart beat, as well as problems in your reflexes, most especially with the deep tendon.

Vampire Disease  Treatment

The following are usually given to treat sudden attacks of the vampire disease.

• Pain relievers

• Sedatives to lessen anxiety and to let you rest.

• Hematin (intravenous)

• Propranolol to control fast heart beat.

To prevent the onset of attacks, you may be advised to do the following:

• Avoid sunlight

• Avoid drugs that trigger attacks

• Avoid alcohol

• Avoid any skin injury

• Eat foods high in carbohydrates

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