Wart Treatment through Ointments or Laser?

There are different treatment options for wart removal. For simple warts, one can use a topical ointment and you can also consider home remedies for wart removal. If they do not go, use the laser option.

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Wart treatment by prescription medicines: A tropical medicine consisting of salicylic acid can provide good results specially for warts on hands, feet and knees. Apply the ointment (for instance, brand name Compound W) everyday for some weeks. After you come out from the shower, use a towel to pat your skin try. Then apply salicylic acid on the wart; the ointment will work better when you use it on moist skin. The next day before taking bath, make use of a pumice stone to remove the dead wart surface.

Home remedies for wart treatment:
1. Massage the area with castor oil twice a day, this will make the area soft and remove the wart.
2. Grind garlic cloves and put it on the wart area, and then cover it with bandage.
3. A good home remedy for wart is applying a freshly cut pineapple on the affected skin area several times a day.
4. Coat the area with camphor oil to get the best results from home remedy for warts
5. Rub raw potato on the area can give you good results in removing warts naturally.
6. Tree oil is also very good for wart treatment
7. Soak a little piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar, keep it on the wart and wrap it up in a plaster. Change the cotton after every few hours and the wart gradually turns black and wears off.

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Cyrosurgery: This involve making use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart, which makes a blister formation between the wart and the epidermal layer, due to which the surrounding dead skin falls off all by itself. You need to take 3 to 4 treatments for treating warts on thin skin and for calloused skin, it make take more than 12 sessions.

Laser treatment for wart removal: Make use of laser treatment for wart removal with he help of a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser or pulse dye laser. Pulse dye laser with the wavelength of 582 nm work by selective absorption by blood cells while CO2 lasers work by selective absorption by water molecules. Both laser treatments are expensive and may cause scarring. CO2 You can use this as a last option if they are not cleared by other wart treatments.

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