Weight lifting tips for Women

Check out the weight lifting and muscle building tips for women:
Women should look for a toned body, rather than building muscles. Women do not build muscle mass the way men do and muscular women are a turn-off to men. So aim for a well toned body.
Lifting moderately heavy weights can bring significant health benefits to most women
Try not to skip weights session. If you cannot do a long session, do a short one
Vary your exercises:To keep from overdeveloping one muscle group, use a variety of exercises, machines and resistance
Learn good technique: A trainer can teach you the basics, avoid hyper extending or letting weight hang against a locked elbow joint
Lift and relax slowly: Contrat muscles for 1 or 2 seconds, hold for half a second, then release for 3 or 4 seconds
Work balance muscle groups: Every muscle has an opposing muscle be sure to work both of them
Find a buddy: A partner can be a ‘spot ‘ for out and help you out when you struggle
Be patient: It takes for to six weeks to see the benefits of weight lifting
Find female focused exercise: Back and shoulder muscles protect posture, hamstring muscles protect against knee injury.

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