What chocolates reveal about your personality, effects of chocolate types on personality

Here are what different chocolate models and types reveal about your personality. Chocoholics, have a telling effect on their personality by the different types of chocolates that they are specially fond of. Let’s see what your favorite chocolate talks about you

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You are clean by heart, sweet and bubbly by nature. However you are comfortable with anything that goes and do not desire anything exceptional in life.

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You love sweets, but are health and diet conscious. However, you have an extremely mature taste
You are a very intense person, experienced in every walk of life

You have sweet tooth and aren’t fussy about which company or brand the chocolate belongs to. You are by nature gentle.

You like your chocolate to be strong. You enjoy different experiences in life and like to stock your fridge with goodies

It is possible that people who love white and milk chocolates wouldn’t mind going for the fruity centered one too. You are happy go lucky and like to be different in every which manner possible.

Mint You have a very acquired taste. People who like dark chocolates can lean over to the minty ones too. The mint lovers are usually thoughtful, introvert but have a brooding nature.

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