Where is the Liver Located in the Human Body?

Where is the liver located in the human body? In this article, we will discuss not only its exact location but the liver’s significant role in the human body.

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You’ve always heard people saying that too much alcohol can damage the liver while doctors and health experts encourage us to pay attention to the health of our liver. Well, the liver is categorized alongside the heart and brain as vital organs in the body. Indeed, it has a very important role to keep us in top form. This should make you wonder where the exact location of the liver is.

Where is the liver located in the human body?

The liver is located on the upper side of your right abdomen below your diaphragm and enclosed by your rib cage. At the back of your liver is where the gallbladder is located and closer to the spleen, stomach, intestines and kidneys. You can actually feel your liver by laying your fingers under your right rib cage. The liver processes everything you ingest into your body, from foods to medicines, even lotions and deodorants. The livers of healthy people are in the right position and size, while certain diseases may cause the liver to be dislocated and become larger.

Why should we know where the liver is located?

This nearly 3-pound organ is like a detoxifiying machine that eliminates toxins out of the body. It is also responsible in converting glucose to glycogen, regulate sugar levels in the blood and hormone secretion. These functions have great impact on the liver making the organ vulnerable to certain diseases. Its deliberate location inside the human body makes it easier to check the condition of the entire human system. Yes, many diseases can be uncovered by simple liver check up. What’s more, you can even do it at home.

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Know where your liver is located

Now that you already have an idea as to the exact location of the liver, check the location of your liver. lie down onto the floor and push the right side of your abdomen below your rib cage and inhale. A healthy liver must be situated along the diaphragm all through your lowest rib. Liver diseases, jaundice, heavy drinking and other health conditions will make your liver sensitive when touched and may change in location. If your home liver checkup reveals some change on the location of your liver, you should never delay seeing your doctor to confirm and uncover any underlying health problems. Keep in mind that liver diseases can be prevented or cured when diagnosed and treated during its early stages.

Liver Picture, Diagram

Locating Liver Pain

The body uses pain as its means of saying that something is wrong. Likewise, the liver signals stress by discomforting pain. Thus, it is important to that you know the exact location of liver pain. If the pain stems at the upper right portion of your abdomen under the ribs, then it is liver pain. Liver pain is often associated with either dull or sharp-shooting pain at the abdomen and back.

Knowing where is the liver located in the human body is important in monitoring the health of our liver. So why not check it out every once in a while?

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  1. I’m having bad pain on the left side of my body located in my left side of my upper hip or syatica. Please show me a diagram showing where the pain is in each disorder I described or is it something different ?

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