Why is My Poop Green?

Probably, you have asked yourself this question – why is my poop green? Read further to find out the answer.

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Oftentimes, stools are strong indication of one’s overall health especially with regards to the digestive system as they say something about the condition of your intestinal tract. During your routine medical checkup, your doctor not only examines your eyes, skin and tongue but also ask about your bowel movement and about their frequency and appearance. If the doctor suspects that something is wrong, he/she will conduct further stool examination to consider its consistency, size and color. Does having green poop mean a trip to the hospital? Not really; but some cases require immediate doctor consultation.

Why is my poop green?

There are a variety of reasons for having a green poop. If your diet is high in iron or if you are ingesting iron supplements, you will likely have green poop because they are not fully absorb by the body. Eating lots of green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach also results in passing green poop due to the presence of chlorophyll that stains the stool. Green poop also results from eating foods that contain food colorants or additives like ice creams, gelatin, cake frosting and some candies. Passing of green poop can also be due to the bile, an enzyme produced by the liver to break down fats. Under the normal digestive process, bile is stored in the gallbladder and turns into brown when it reaches the large intestine. If the bile passes through the large intestine quickly, it does not have time to change in color resulting to green poop.

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Green poop in children

Green poop is actually very common in children. For instance, infants normally pass off green stools few days after they are born. It is called meconium, which is comprised of all the substances the baby consumed while inside his/her mother’s womb. Just like adults, green poop in children could also be due to eating foods that contain artificial colorants or additives, bile secretion, iron intake as well as eating green leafy veggies. Read more about green stool in adults.

When to see a doctor

Although passing off green poop is harmless, in some cases, prompt medical attention is needed. This is true especially if the green poop is associated with stomach pain, weight loss or weight gain, diarrhea and digestive disorders. Your physician will conduct a series of tests to determine the underlying cause and start appropriate treatment as soon as possible. If you take the warning signs for granted, it may lead to serious complications such as malnutrition, malabsorption disorder, low levels of potassium and dehydration. In addition, the passing off of green stool could be due to food poisoning which requires immediate medical attention. So you should watch out if your green poop comes with abdominal cramps and fever for longer than three days.

Treatment for green poop

Most cases of green poop are temporary and can be treated with a change in diet. Eliminate unhealthy foods that cause green poop which are likewise harmful to your overall health. In addition, follow a healthy and balanced diet that is high in fiber. Pair that with regular exercise and drinking lots of water.

Asking yourself this question – why is my poop green – is important to figure out serious health problems the soonest time possible.

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