HIV rash Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment

HIV rash is one of the common symptoms of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus that leads to AIDS.  HIV Skin rash can happen due to many reasons; it can be an allergic response to particular products or food. In some cases, it has also been seen that the skin rash is aside effect for certain medicines or drugs.

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Skin rash as an HIV Symptom

Skin rash is one of the symptoms of HIV that happens towards the later stage. Some of the main symptoms of HIV like unexplained weight loss, diarrhea, pain in joints, memory loss kick in after two months or so of the person contracting the virus. But as the disease progresses, there is an alternation of symptoms and the person begins to contract what is known as HIV rash.

Causes of HIV rash

As mentioned, HIV rash is a manifested symptom of the virus. The rash can also be caused by medicines that are used to treat HIV. One should note that Herpes Zoster Infection and Herpes Simplex can also cause the rash.

HIV Rash symptoms

The appearance of HIV rash can vary from person to person; for some they may come in a few weeks’ time but in some it can also take months and years. Here is how the appearance of the rash looks

1.       Scaly skin similar to psoriasis.

2.        There is no difference in the HIV rash between women and men; they are mostly seen in the form of sores and warts in the genital areas.

3.        The rash can take the form of pimples and acne while in other cases, it can look like folliculitis and hives.

4.        The spots are brownish or reddish in color.

5.       There is peeling of the skin, leading to blisters and sores.

6.       Itching is a common thing as an HIV rash symptom.

HIV Rash Diagnosis-Difference between normal rash and HIV rash

Every skin rash does not imply an HIV symptom. One has to do a proper diagnosis to find out the right kind of treatment method. Doctors believe that a common HIV rash can last for 7 to 14 days. So, if a person finds that there is skin rash along with the above mentioned HIV rash symptom, he or she should get it checked by the doctor. Of course, other tests have to be done to ascertain that the person has HIV.

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HIV Rash Treatment

There is no cure for HIV.  Over the counter medications may prescribed to give relief to the itching, irritation and inflammation. Doctors may also ask the person to avoid exposure to triggers or allergens like dust, heat of the sun, extreme cold and keeping the skin dry.  Prevent HIV infections by following safe practices to make sure that you are on safe ground. Read more about causes of HIV-AIDS and treatment.

HIV Rash Pictures

Check out the HIV rash pictures, photos showing the rash on the body, back, hands etc.

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