ADHD in children, ADHD children symptoms

Does my child have ADHD? Is my child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder? Then ask yourself these questions:

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Is your child getting increasingly difficult to handle? Do you find yourself feeling really perturbed by the way your child is able to understand things or the lack of it? Then possibly, she/he is suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). ADHD is a neurological condition found in children. The symptoms exhibited by children suffering from ADHD include reduced attention span, difficulty in sustained concentration, increased motor sensitivity, hyperactivity or restlessness.

ADHD disorder in kids can cause significant problems in a child’s academic development and interpersonal relationships with otyher people. The child tends to lose things, misplace them and makes multiple careless mistakes in school and at home. Such kids find it tough to make friendship with other kids, let alone adults. Certain behavioral problems may also arise like stubbornness, stealing and lying. They find it difficult to exercise control over their urgent temptations and are not able to keep their behavior in place. So things like spilling drinks and knocking things over are quite common. Sadly, there can be serious accidents also like reckless behavior like running onto a street and colliding into someone or something.

ADHD begins in childhood and may well, go to adulthood if the disorder is left untreated. Here is how parents can watch out Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms in children and manage this problem:

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1. Hyperactivity: The ADHD prone child is always fussy, restless and due increased hyperactivity, they are not able to stay put at one place. They walk, run, climb while some remain seated. But even if they are seated, they will fidget, move their hands and feet and talk excessively. Even if the child seems energetic, the energy is not goal directed but dissipated in different ways. The child is more like a wind-up toy that has been wound-up and let loose
2. Impulsive nature: The child tends to act quickly without thinking first. So you may seem them blurting answer even before they have been asked a question properly or before they are completed. They will interrupt ongoing conversations and find it uncomfortable to wait for their turn.
3. Lack of concentration: The children who have ADHD problems are easily distracted. Teachers and parents may feel that the kid is not listening to what is being told to her/him, which is quite true. These kids miss out on details, forget things and keep on shifting from one activity to the to other. They are not able to plan and organize things; they are day-dreaming for most of the time. Frequently losing things and forgetfulness are common traits.

A psychiatrist from Florida, USA says, “ADHD children may go full swing into a situation that can be potentially risky, which can cause enough stress to people around them.”
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